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So surprised I was driving by the usually empty lot in front of Legion Park on Biscayne and 64th to see a Farmers Market had sprung up. Like Panther, eternity coffee roasters in downtown roasts their own beans in-house and brews their coffee for 18 hours. Before coffee fans get excited, no, there are no Intelligentsia locations in or anywhere near Miami. When an MBA with a limited attention span writes a food blog you get this: no fluff and lots of bullet points. In the first interview she's ever given, Amber Frey recounts her entire tortured relationship with Scott Peterson, the three months of pillow talk, lies, romantic gifts and wiretapped phone calls. Scott told her he sold farm fertilizer for a company based in Spain, and traveled all over the world, so much so that he never settled down -- no wife, no girlfriend, not even a dog.
Frey: "He said he lived in Sacramento, that he also had a condo in San Diego, and he had found a couple that wanted to purchase the condo furnished, and with a Land Rover. Frey: "When we went back to where my car was parked, we kind of had a little, you know, conversation about that. In her book, "Witness," Amber writes that she told Scott that night how much she valued the truth. Lauer: "You said, it's so much better to tell someone the truth, even if it's hard, than to lie. Lauer: "He basically said at that time in that conversation, you know, I haven't been completely honest with you, I lost my wife.
Scott tearfully explained that he regretted lying before, but it was just too painful to talk about the loss of his wife.

And she didn't know that on the same day he broke the news to her that he'd "lost his wife," he'd bought a second-hand fishing boat. That same night, 100 miles away in Modesto, Scott's wife Laci attended a Christmas party alone. Amber went to bed that same night and woke up in the early hours of the morning after a terrible nightmare.
My experience with Asian supermarkets is mainly from California (99 Ranch and Yaohan) and in the DC metro area (Han Ah Reum now known as HMart). New York Mart in Sunrise isn't quite as comprehensive as its sister locations to the north (NYM is part of a chain with locations all over metro NYC (here's a writeup by Serious Eats on the Little Italy location). Level II: after a couple of visits I pretty much know where everything is laid out and have some idea of what I want, but try to be inquisitive with the usually annoyed stockboy. Level III: after four or five visits I pretty much resign myself to the fact that I'll never know what 80% of the stuff in the store is used for.
I get more into my comfort zone when we reach the produce section which is front and center in the store. This method of brewing results in a mellowing of the acid in the harshest beans and will make your already smooth Brazilian brew seem like a mocha. The next day, he told her he was going on a long trip, to Maine for the holidays with his parents, then to Europe to celebrate the New Year and do some business. It was the morning of December 24, Christmas Eve, the day investigators believe Scott Peterson dumped Laci's body out of his new boat, and into the chilly waters of San Francisco Bay. They impounded Scott's truck and Laci's Land Rover, the one Scott mentioned to Amber he might be selling.

Her parents split up when she was young, and romance had not always been kind to Amber, either. Amber also didn't know Scott had been using the internet to study ocean currents in San Francisco Bay. Of course, he was really just going home to his wife, something Amber never suspected, until she asked where she could send him a Christmas gift.
In fact, on December 23, Laci took Scott to get a pre-Christmas haircut near their Modesto home.
Multiple aisles come into view as the steady stream of customers pushes you to your right and straight into the seafood counter. The very next day, Christmas Day, Scott called Amber twice, even as volunteers searched for his missing, pregnant wife. Proper Sausages makes artisanal sausages using local Berkshire pork with unique ingredient blends.
Amber had put herself through massage therapy school, and she was determined to start her own business.

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