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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Viber app is getting popular day by day not just because it offers free calling and texting but it also got a superb and very simple to understand user interface. The guide here will first let you know the features of this amazing and much needed messaging app and then I’ll provide the download link which you need to follow to get the app installed. You’re already aware that using Viber you can make free calls and send unlimited free text messages but there are many other things too which you can do instantly using the app. There are lots of features supported by the app and it let you even make free calls on Wi-Fi and 3G cellular network. Users can off course send free text messages, share photos, videos other files and can even share their current location for free.
To further increase the user experience the app offers sending of free stickers, animated GIF images and funny emoticons. In short, it’s a complete messaging app which can let you stay in contact with all of your friends and relatives at no cost. You need to open this webpage from the default web browser of your BlackBerry phone and then follow this direct download link.
Get the best tech deals, reviews, product advice, competitions, unmissable tech news and more! In an industry where progress has come to be measured in annual increments, BlackBerry has leaped in to offer something refreshingly new.
Before you sit down, you nonchalantly take your phone out of your pocket and put it on the table. Eventually, someone will spot the logo at the top of device, if the unusually-placed front-facing speaker doesn’t catch their eye first. You might have to endure a few jibes about your smartphone, but when the joking is over what remains is an excellent Android smartphone – arguably the best phone BlackBerry has ever built.
Weighing in at 192g, when you hold the BlackBerry PRIV it feels like you’re holding something substantial, while the rounded edges and textured back creates an air of quality.
This is backed up by a solid set of internals and an excellent screen, as summarised in the table below.
Something not many people may be aware of is that BlackBerry has brought some amazing software features to Android. This sets it apart from manufacturers that ship a bunch of irremovable shovelware on their devices that few people will use.
BlackBerry has ported its notification hub to Android, offering a central repository for all your e-mail, text messages, WhatsApps, BBMs, and notifications from social networks. Only notifications from specific apps are pulled into the hub, leaving users of unsupported apps like Telegram and WeChat in the lurch. If you don’t like the hub, or if your favourite services aren’t supported, there is nothing compelling you to use it.
Linked to the Hub is the Productivity Tab, which lets you swipe the display to “peek” at the latest info from Hub. It shows upcoming events from your calendar, a task list, and holds your favourite contacts.
While the calendar and contacts are integrated with the usual services and accounts, such as your Google account, BlackBerry’s Tasks and Notes app only synchronises with Microsoft and Novell servers. This means that to synchronise the task list visible in the Productivity Tab with a cloud service, you will either need a Windows Live Hotmail or Outlook account, or be connected to a Microsoft Exchange or Novell Groupwise server. While the home screen widgets are one of the unique features Android has, many of the widgets that apps provide aren’t used.
Looking at my own usage, I typically arrange my main home screen into folders of apps I want easy access to, with my calendar widget taking up 6 or 9 icon slots.
With pop-up widgets, you can access an app’s widget with a swipe up or down, giving you a way to see the latest information from the app without opening it.

Two that are visible to users are its picture password screen lock, and the BlackBerry DTEK app.
Instead of a PIN, pattern, or password, picture password lets you choose a number, and set a location for that number on a picture. It lets you see which apps are requesting potentially privacy-violating permissions, like access to your camera, contacts, location, microphone, and text messages.
From DTEK, you can then kill the app, uninstall it, or have DTEK notify you every time the app accesses a sensitive area of your device.
It is also proud of the fact that it has not only kept current with the security patch regime Google has for Android, but had a patch out before Google released it for the Nexus. No smartphone is perfect, and while the PRIV is a great piece of technology, it is no different. It’s not a cheap phone, and if MTN’s prices are anything to go by, the PRIV is set to compete with the Galaxy S6 Edge+ and iPhone in SA (MyMTN Choice 100 package – R519 per month).
The PRIV can also run quite hot, and when it does I noticed a bit of flex and soft creaking from the non-removable back cover.
It didn’t feel like the phone was coming apart, just that the back cover didn’t feel as solid as the rest of the phone. Early reviewers also complained that BlackBerry’s software, particularly the Hub, was slow.
I can’t help but wonder if BlackBerry had not insisted on developing its own mobile operating system (BlackBerry 10), what might have been.
If BlackBerry had been making Android phones all this time, would hardware keyboards be more prominent today? BlackBerry has ported its software keyboard from BlackBerry 10 to Android, which features a predictive text system that displays words above characters as you type. You can then swipe up to send the word to the input field. You can also set the keyboard to predict words in up to 3 languages at once. While I would have preferred a keyboard more like those we saw on the Bold or the Q10, the keyboard on the PRIV is great – and is touch-sensitive. You swipe back on it to delete a word, or use it as a trackpad to navigate around text you’re editing. Uber users in Pittsburgh will soon be able to order self-driving cars from their smartphones. Payment Method: We can only accept PayPal, which is both safe and efficient and it is also the only online payment method Please make your payment within 48 hours after the end of the sale.
If you receive a defective or incorrect item and require a refund or an exchange, we shall offer a refund or remedy the situation after verification.
Currently we specialize in the creation of accessories, Both retail and wholesale businesses are of great importance to us, and our warehouse is located in Yiwu, China's largest small-commodity market.
Should you have any questions about the item or are not satisfied with the received item, do not hesitate to contact us immediately and we will give you a satisfactory reply within 48 hours.
Hello Crackberry, I'm a longtime keyboard fan still lamenting when I look at my broken Veer now serving as a desk ornament. Next, click on the icon and it takes you direct to the screen to make calls or send text messages.
Reply Forum BlackBerry 10 Phones & OS BlackBerry Q10 Considering Q10 but tied to Google Services, what should I do? Taking picture using Q10 front camera » Similar Threads Why am I unable to remove two unread news articles on iGrann?
Last Post: 09-03-15, 07:25 AM is it possible to install android os to my blackberry classic? The incredible new line-up of accessories that have been designed specifically for the BlackBerry Q10 smartphone. Here is a guide for those who own a BlackBerry phone as I’m going to provide Viber for BlackBerry Z10, Q10 & other models free download.

The Viber messaging app is available for free for all BlackBerry phones and it’s also there for all major smartphones and tablets.
There will be no password needed to start using this app and you even don’t need to invite people to add into your contacts. The call quality offered is HD and you won’t get any performance lacks like call drop or low quality. This simply means that you all will be staying updated with everything going in your friend zone for free.
Users can add up to 40 friends in a single group and can start chatting with of all of their friends in a single conversation window. You can unsubscribe at any time and we'll never share your details without your permission.
Good – high resolution, responsive, circular polarising filter, good visibility in sunlight.
Because they take up so much space, I might only have one more widget on a secondary home screen. You then find a copy of your number and drag it around the grid until it is over the secret location you selected.
You can then swipe up on the hardware keyboard underneath the predicted word to send it to the text field. We shall never allow dishonesty or requests for refunds or exchanges due to a change of mind. I loved webOS and followed Crackberry curiously during the launch of BB10 while settling for the Android world. Whether it's a charging, carrying, or media solution, these accessories are designed to enhance your experience on all levels. Viber app will automatically import contacts from your phonebook and find people using Viber app and list them as Viber contact automatically and that too within few seconds after installation.
The messages are delivered instantly and lots of details are provided like delivery details, sent details, etc for free.
There were a number of capabilities that would require too much surgery on our part to add the capabilities we needed,” BlackBerry told VentureBeat. Matias fixed many of my early criticisms of Android and I've largely settled into Google's services on the platform. Learn more about the BlackBerry 10 Screen Protector, Soft and Hard Shell, Leather Pocket and Holster, Leather Flip Shell, Extra Battery Bundle and the Premium Stereo Headset. As for the items, we are doing our best to describe all the items we are selling as accurately as possible. Thanks for showing your respect to our services by giving us a satisfactory comment after receiving the item. Custom duties and taxes: The pricing does not cover import duties, taxes and the price or shipping charges of payable items. In the early days, it seemed I could use the Android gVoice app for texting but it couldn't place outbound calls from my Google Voice number.
The other thing was the Pebble didn't seem to be able to get caller ID information from BB10. I'd love to use a device again with a physical keyboard but I can't give up these two abilities. Kim Kardashian might have to give up her BlackBerry Bold < > Order DTEK50 now! DTEK50 Priv Passport Classic Z30 Z10 Q10 Leap OS 10.3.2 Welcome to the CrackBerry Forums Create Your Account or Ask a Question Answers in 5 minutes - no registration required!

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