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Have your child sit in the seat and set the harness height by squeezing the handle at the top of the head rest. Loosen the harness straps by inserting your finger into the rectangular-shaped hole on the seat and press the button inside to release. Once you have the seat inside your car, the only thing you need to do is run the seat belt through the Clicktight Installation panel and click it shut.
Both parts of the seat belt, the lap belt and the shoulder belt, get routed through the ClickTight slot. I’m impressed with the quality of Britax and even more pleased with their Clicktight Installation.

However, you’ll want to check your car manual to see how many pounds your LATCH will support. They served us well and the children got sentimental when we pulled them out of the car and said goodbye.
If you have a mini-van with captain’s chairs (we have a Honda Odyssey) you can recline further.
You open up the Clicktight panel by inserting your fingers into the two slots on and squeezing. The tether comes off the top back of the seat and can be anchored to a point in your car behind the seat, on the floor, or in some vehicles there is a ceiling anchor point.

This saves time and money since we don’t have to budget for a second set of car seats. While I worked on getting the seats installed they played in the boxes and decorated them with magic markers!

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