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Hi, I just saw the voice thing Chris Kendall did for the bbc and I was just wondering is Chris Kendall Chris simpson's artist??? Last year, the separated mother of four was interviewed by Daily Mail and revealed she thinks the picture is 'terrible' but has had dozens of requests for dates from single men since it began circulating. She declined to comment to the Tampa Bay Times but her attorney, Matthew Crist, likened the issue to Colgate using Tom Cruise's image to sell toothpaste without his permission.
The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Stripping Away the Layers of Lady Godiva Lore - Why did Lady Godiva take a naked horse ride?
As if mistaking her title weren't a bad enough historical transgression, we've actually been calling her the wrong name. The reverent noblewoman risking her reputation to protect the town's citizens makes for a powerful story. This Godiva is clearly a redhead, but historians don't know if Godgifu had red, blond or brown hair.
She came into the marriage with a considerable amount of wealth -- and eight countries that she called her very own.
But according to some accounts, his staunch refusal to lower taxes for the citizens of Coventry was the basis for Godgifu's famous ride.

In 11th-century Anglo-Saxon England, that title was used exclusively to refer to the queen.
The first version of the Lady Godiva legend appeared in the 13th century, nearly 200 years after her death. On the next page, we'll take a closer look at the story and see why historians have discounted it. The best comparison we can make to her noble status is countess, but that term didn't exist during Godiva's lifetime.
The region of Mercia was at the very center of the island we know as modern-day England, and it was just across the way from Wales.
Leofric's authority radiated from nearly every cardinal direction to influence people all across Anglo-Saxon England.
She and Leofric were also philanthropic and the primary benefactors of monasteries in their domain. There can be engineers and good engineers, artists and good artists, sportsperson and good sportsperson but the only difference between engineers and good engineers, artists and good artists, sportsperson and good sportsperson is passion.There should be willingness to do some work with dedication which leads it to perfection. Godgifu gave generously to the Benedictine abbey in Coventry in 1043, offering gold, silver and gems that were fashioned into crosses and bookplates. He promised to repeal the tax if Godiva would ride naked on her horse through the market and back.

Given the nature of historical records from the Middle Ages, we don't have many details about Godgifu's personality but can infer that she was very pious [source: Stephens]. Godiva didn't flinch at the suggestion; she just ensured that she had Leofric's permission to complete the challenge. Then she undressed, let loose her long hair and arranged it over her body to cover herself.
When she returned home, Leofric kept his promise and signed a charter, thereby freeing Coventry's citizens of the tax [source: Roger of Wendover]. Most Inspiring Videos How to Become This Boy Will Teach you How to Live in Hope Yesterday, we posted an article on how people can do amazing things. Most Inspiring Videos This Penguin Collects Fish Great Quotes for Life Quote that will help to lead a great life.

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