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If you did enjoy don’t forget to sub, like,comment do all of that good stuff to the video and I’ll see you all in the next one goodbye! I get about 10-19k and 2000-3800rp per mission, and at least it could take you 10 minutes to finish depending on your skill and teammates skills. Yo what is up guys JoshGamez here, and today I will be showing you guys a BRAND NEW ULTIMATE Legit Money Making Method in GTA 5 Online for all next gen consoles and the pc after the latest patch of 1.33!

It took me 9 days to make $6.2 million by playing nothing but Rooftop Rumble and Trash Talk. Yea, you only make around $11.5 thousand for completing them, but with my methods I can complete them each in under 4 minutes.

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