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When you make your bad habit harder to do while making the good habit easier, you are much more likely to take the easy route. Always make your vice at least 20 seconds away, while making your virtue immediately available. With all this knowledge, you can use your own self-control to supercharge your ability to succeed. Since self-control is essential to your success, it’s too important for it to be out of control. If the above topic, or indeed any of my blogs are of interest to you, then contact me and let’s talk!
Today I want to describe a few different ways of earning little and little bigger money over the net.
If you have your own website you know what domain name is, and you probably know that domain can be cumbersome to remember,, long, meaningless.
The writing is also payed for as for any job, specially in internet, and you may find a lot of opportunities to write a unique articles on various topics. If you have website and this site has a lot of visitors and high rank of popularity, you have a good chance to sell text link or banner space on your site.
This is actually real currency exchange game (dont mix up with games like described above). Mastery is much easier when you understand how you work – and take action to make yourself even better!
Those who already tried to earn in internet, know that the meaning of this business is sitting in front of your pc a few hours a day and click on various adverts. There are plenty of websites offering jobs for freelancers, and if you ever did some site or design to someone you know, like a one-time-job, you already been freelancer. Some well known blogs use help of excellent writers to fill in the slot in the blog with nicely written article.

The price will depend on your site popularity and number of links on the page (as more other links as less interest). Your income is formed on speculation with real currencies – buy cheep, sell expensive. Achor lists a very powerful tool in his book The Happiness Advantage called the 20-second rule.
Lock up the alcohol and add an additional 20 seconds to the task by keeping the keys at the other side of the house (or don’t buy any, turning it into the 20-minute rule, by the time you’ve nipped to the off-licence). There are plenty of people in the globe who is looking for new and exciting domain names, and then successfully sell them to end users who will set up the site under those domains.
The price of articles wary from non (in case of you re not original language holder, or just a beginner in business) to $70 and even more if you are experienced, honest writer who’s articles are always keep attention of visitors.
The game is all about business, and wars and slavery are two of the most profitable businesses.
The buying and selling involves bank kind-a-credit and you can get a lot but also lose everything very quickly. However, there is a difficult decision for the new buyer to chose one of few of the companies to invest to. This principle shows how we can re-route the path of least resistance and replace bad habits with good ones.
If you want to make a habit of prioritising your to-do list each day, keep it clearly visible on your desktop, rather than having to pull it up or look for it.
Some people would pay even for comments in blogs or youtube or other sites, the only requirement here is uniqueness.
By the way, if you like this opportunity to promote your business, contact me (contact form on the far right).
Forex requires high invested mount of money before it starts to work, also it require a lot of attention.

It is very easy to use: identify the habits that you want to lose and make it 20 seconds more difficult to do them. Making things easier reduces the amount of willpower it takes to do it, thereby increasing your success.
You invest in domain and build website or, as flipping does, buy ready website and promote it and then sell. There are no 3d effects or exciting pictures in the game, there are countries with the same names as in real world, you can work, fight, start your business, be governor of the country or region.
However, if you dont want to simply speculate on the stocks (buy when cheap – sell when expensive) but you believe in the company instead, and your believe is standing on research of financial documentation of the company that you about to invest to, there is a good chance that paper that you purchased today for couple of dollars, will cost hundreds after crisis (as it happened in USA after 30th of last century). Exciting part of all this business is that income from such operations, can be quite high and comparable with real salary. There are three currencies in the game with rate independent from current real world rates. With special lack you can earn a little more, and then your cigarettes can be more expensive but still..
You can try to start from here, Insert the word or phrase or name you are thinking of, and see bunch of available domain names on your topic.
The game is not open for everyone but you can use my affiliate link to register and try yourself. Investments are not needed, you can play from scratch, however, if you are talented businessman you can boost your business at anno with little investment.

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