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Instead of making New Year's resolutions you can't possibly keep like going to the gym every day, why not make one you can keep like cleaning up your dirty, filthy gadgets? Yeah, we know cleaning all the machines that run our comfortably chill lives is a chore and requires time and work, but they need love, too, if you want to them to live long and prosper.
Shake a can of compressed air gently and then blast the particles right out with the thin nozzle.
Compressed air is also useful for getting nasty dust out of electronics with lots of vents, like game consoles and PC towers.
It's no fun, for sure, but if you just wipe your phone down with a microfiber cloth and a little bit (just a little) of warm water every night, you'll keep the bacteria away. Pro tip: Always apply the warm water to the microfiber cloth and never on the gadget itself. An old toothbrush or a fine brush (like an old makeup brush) will work just fine to remove dust.
The secret to using a magic eraser to make your gadget gleam again is to use it gently because it is abrasive and can create scratches. This is useful for cleaning ports like Micro USB and Lightning ports that don't seem to charge properly because the contacts are filthy, and headphone jacks that keep creating static in your headphones. It may help to add a little bit of isopropyl alcohol to the tip to really get any debris out, like the earwax that refuses to unstick from your earbuds. Stripping Away the Layers of Lady Godiva Lore - Why did Lady Godiva take a naked horse ride? As if mistaking her title weren't a bad enough historical transgression, we've actually been calling her the wrong name. The reverent noblewoman risking her reputation to protect the town's citizens makes for a powerful story.

The easiest way to remove this stuff from a keyboard and its hard-to-reach into cracks is with a can of compressed air.
Think about all the things your hands make contact with a day and then think about how many times you touch your phone. Use the same warm water and wipe technique to clean your TV, set-top boxes, computer, tablets, remotes, etc.
It'll just require more manual brushing and a cloth or paper towel to wipe off the removed particles afterwards.
To clean a speaker with a soft cover, roll a lint roller over it and it'll pick up all the hairs and other nasty particles that may have built up on it. Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe. This Godiva is clearly a redhead, but historians don't know if Godgifu had red, blond or brown hair.
She came into the marriage with a considerable amount of wealth -- and eight countries that she called her very own.
But according to some accounts, his staunch refusal to lower taxes for the citizens of Coventry was the basis for Godgifu's famous ride. Clean Magic Erasers are great for cleaning the bathroom and kitchen, but they're also a godsend for removing tough residue that may have built up on, say, your laptop palm rest or the lid over time.
In 11th-century Anglo-Saxon England, that title was used exclusively to refer to the queen.
The first version of the Lady Godiva legend appeared in the 13th century, nearly 200 years after her death. On the next page, we'll take a closer look at the story and see why historians have discounted it.

The best comparison we can make to her noble status is countess, but that term didn't exist during Godiva's lifetime.
The region of Mercia was at the very center of the island we know as modern-day England, and it was just across the way from Wales. Leofric's authority radiated from nearly every cardinal direction to influence people all across Anglo-Saxon England.
She and Leofric were also philanthropic and the primary benefactors of monasteries in their domain. Godgifu gave generously to the Benedictine abbey in Coventry in 1043, offering gold, silver and gems that were fashioned into crosses and bookplates. He promised to repeal the tax if Godiva would ride naked on her horse through the market and back. Given the nature of historical records from the Middle Ages, we don't have many details about Godgifu's personality but can infer that she was very pious [source: Stephens]. Godiva didn't flinch at the suggestion; she just ensured that she had Leofric's permission to complete the challenge.
Then she undressed, let loose her long hair and arranged it over her body to cover herself. When she returned home, Leofric kept his promise and signed a charter, thereby freeing Coventry's citizens of the tax [source: Roger of Wendover].

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