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Batman, Christopher Nolan, DC Comics, Heath Ledger, Joker, The Dark Knight, The Joker, Warner Bros. John’s work on the film is widely recognized as he transformed the face of an iconic villain for an entirely new generation, even going on to receive an Academy Award Best Makeup nomination for his work back in 2009.
We designed Eclipse Pro to be as user friendly as possible, but if you do run into trouble we provide a support forum, and precise documentation.
SLAYER's "Payback" Ukulele Cover Duet Has Rob Scallon & Sara Longfield Scaring Everybody! Axl Rose showed up to a Golden Globes party this past Sunday and was sporting a peculiar accessory, a cane. On one hand, I think comparing what an old guy looks like in his 50s to how he looked in his 20's is pretty poor taste.
Oh fucking please I come on a METAL site to get away from gossip rag bullshit omggggg miley cyrus gained one quarter pound anne hathaway got a pimple etc… fucking pathetic. Rather a has-been then a never has-been at all – the guy is 51 do you expect him to look like he did in his 20s or 30s? He's using the cane because all that weight is doing a number on his SHANANANANANANANA-KNEES!!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA That caught me off guard and its 3:30 am hahahahah thank you! Try again, you just publicly made yourself look like a useless gossip columnist bitch boy wanna-be. It's always possible that he may be ill with something, seen with a cane, falling on stage and the weight gain. Its a bit cruel to go on about his weight, he is human after all, and these things happen to everybody. I love Guns N' Roses like anybody else, but its not right to make fun of a poor man who took a wrong turn in life many years ago. Not surprised so many are defending him since the USA is so obese, however this is a case of a man with only his image behind him and he couldn't manage it. Axl — my family has a history of diabetes and some of them are the heavy side, please take care of yourself. When we've written of Fat Axl, or FAxl as I like to call him, previously people cried Photoshop! I would appreciate it if you would stick to posting actual news-worthy stuff and not bashing people.

Got bad news for guys slagging Axl off – age comes to us all and you are not gonna look the same as you did in your youth – FACT! They have a rep to uphold seeing Rose then and seeing him now is sad he looks like a fat pimp.
I think age has done him well he seems so much more happier with himself more comfortable just being him whether that's Mr. Yet, you lame quasi-journalists here steady bash the dude when he makes an occasional public appearance.
And believe me, Axl has been an asshole do the world, it's not like people like to see him happy. I remember an Axl that pounded his arm and leg ran across the stage now he can hardly move he looks like he is going to trip over himself he looks like shit and his voice is gone and he is forgetting lyrics.

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