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If you want to increase your team’s capacity to partner together, develop leaders, and transform lives, then this is the training for you. Forging Alliances: Learn how to intentionally design your relationships to be maximize power, impact, and accountability. Curiosity: Learn how to employ genuine, open-ended curiosity to break through barriers, overcome conflict, and inspire others toward growth.
Intuition: Discover how to use your gut instincts as a powerful tool for breaking through obstacles and finding the best path forward.
Powerful Questions: Learn what makes a question powerful, and discover how to use them in an intentional way to lead others to deeper learning and inspired growth. Athletic FacilitiesOur world-class athletic complex is among the best in the nation and reflects our strong commitment to high school athletics. What’s more important when it comes to sports performance and success – to have an athlete with tons of raw talent, or an athlete with average skills but an insatiable yearning to be the best? Before answering that question, I would like to bring up the even broader sports psychology question pertaining to the degree of athletic success that comes from sheer natural talent versus hard work and mental toughness?
Of course, having good genes is never a bad thing in life, but what you do with your natural talents is the bigger question.

Jennifer Aniston, best known for portraying Rachel Green on the hit television sitcom Friends, is in talks for New Line Entertainment’s comedy Mean Moms.
Beth McCarthy-Miller will be directing Mean Moms, which is expected to move forward quickly if Aniston’s deal goes through. Drawn from the collective experience and training of some of the best Christian coaches in the country, The Coaching Leader will train you and your team in 7 practical, powerful coaching skills that will launch your team to a whole new level of connection, leadership impact and growth. The Weinberg sophomore is involved in this year’s Sex Week during which she will speak about her experience as a woman in the sex industry.
Stankovich, an expert in the field of athletic counseling and human performance, has authored hundreds of articles and been featured in numerous television programs, including several appearances on ESPN.
The project was originally set up in 2010 with Adam Shankman (Hairspray), Jennifer Gibgot (Hairspray),  and Jill Messick (Mean Girls) all producing for New Line. Horrible Bosses writers Sean Anders and John Morris are currently rewriting Mean Moms.
The gymnasium has tremendous viewing for competition from every angle and seat in the house. The design of the Fieldhouse permits three teams to simultaneously practice uninterrupted, with curtains separating each court from floor to ceiling. Stankovich and Advanced Human Performance Systems are proud to offer a selection of their materials streaming online.

The state-of-the-art audio system allows integral sound quality, surround sound, individualized speaker usage, and outstanding acoustics.Aquatics Center (Water Polo, Swimming)The world-class Olympic-size pool holds 768,000 gallons of water and has been constructed with wave-reducing, overflow gutter technology, making this pool one of the fastest in the nation. JSerra has played host to dozens of local and national events, including the 2013 Water Polo Junior Olympics. The aquatic center also offers a scenic background and open deck space, which makes it ideal as a training facility.
The field is the only baseball field comprised of a professionally-maintained natural grass infield and an outfield utilizing artificial turf (A-turf).
The free weight room consists of state-of-the-art equipment, starting with top-of-the-line free weights and machines.
This conditioning focuses on training the neuromuscular system, improving athleticism, increasing tendon strength, and decreasing injury.

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