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A list of best free Android money management apps that allows to control expenses using Android device. There is a whole host of apps designed to help you keep track of expenses and income and control what you do with your money. The personal finance apps can become your best ally for this task, helping to save money and, above all, make more time for ourselves. The powerful processor for personal finance with which you can manage your financial issues from anywhere.
Another best free Android expense management app that that lets you records all your expense each day. It is a solution designed for business people and for those who wish to keep a detailed record of all expenses and bills comfortably. Previous article5 best android apps for artist at no costNext articleThe best free android apps for beer lovers Khaled Md. That is why i use Geltbox money -automatic download from any website (banks,credit cards) ,high level of security (Your financial data is securely stored and encrypted only in your personal computer),When using Geltbox you don’t need to give your banking account numbers and passwords to a third party! December 10, 2013 By Harry Leave a Comment With all the technological advancements in the last few years, coupled with the rise in efficient online services in diverse sectors, users now have more choice than ever. Mint has recently come up with its own Android app as well, which means it is easier than ever to manage your finances right from your smartphone! Another one of my favorite online tools, SmartyPig is a simple yet effective service focused on helping users accomplish their specific saving goals. The best part about this tool however is that if you save up money in an online account with them, you can redeem it for cash for a gift card at specific stores that offer you great deals and discounts. A lesser known, upcoming online money management tool that is nonetheless feature rich and easy to use. Apart from offering usual money management features like credit card and bank account linking options, the USP of this service is that it lets you manage your shared expenses with friends and divides up each person’s shares and alerts the other group members as well, something that some find awkward to do in person.
Much like in the rest of the country, the banking industry in Cincinnati has taken a hit in the last few years, making it harder for customers to locate some of the free amenities to which they’d grown accustomed, such as free checking accounts. But though it might not always be easy to find Cincinnati free checking accounts, customers in the area can rest assured that they do exist — you just have to know where to look. Individuals looking for competitive Cincinnati free checking account deals can find quite a few through national and local financial establishments.
Huntington National Bank doesn’t impose ATM fees and offers free online banking, mobile banking, bill pay and text alerts, making this account a great option for residents looking for a no-strings-attached account. Opening the account requires a $25 minimum deposit, but there are no additional requirements to maintain this free account. Cinfed offers membership to anyone who lives, works, worships, attends school or regularly conducts business in Hamilton, Kenton, Campbell or Boone counties. As the credit union notes, “All you do is make deposits and write your checks,” making it the perfect “no-frills” checking account. For individuals who have struggled to locate free checking accounts in Cincinnati, the process is easier than you might think.
Related ArticlesThe Best Checking Accounts for College Students 15 Checking Account Promotions Available Today Chase QuickPay Offers Easy Money Transfers One of the best ways to locate free checking accounts in Cincinnati is to begin searching online. Some financial institutions take their online services a step further by allowing individuals to open accounts online, making the next great deal only a click away. Once you locate checking accounts that are advertised as free, be sure to read carefully to ensure they don’t come with too many asterisks. A true free checking account won’t require jumping through any hoops, such as making direct deposits or receiving e-statements each month in order to avoid a maintenance fee. Once the right account is located, residents can simply open their accounts and begin their fee-free experience. Many of the offers appearing on this site are from advertisers from which this website receives compensation for being listed here. Here are some of the most successful free finance manager apps for Android users to control their expense, make a proper budget and save money. It is a simple, but very useful application to manage your financial costs that allow you to visualize your money in different periods of time, such as month, week or even days. With its simple interface you can manage costs, plan budgets, combine a checkbook register, set invoice reminder and control your expenditure. With its user-friendly interface, you can see your spending by day, week or month and to even analyze a graph to determine how you spend your money most. With this application, we can combine personal expenses with corporate expenses in order to present our bills and recover our expenses. Money Lover is a personal money manager app for Android device that allows you to add expenses and gains editable categories, organizing the flow of money.
Here you must choose the type of change and make a personal account manage your budget and go driving your expenses daily.
Let us know if you have any other choice or which app you use to track expenses on android.
As with many other domains, a host of impressive online tools are available for managing your finances.
Essentially it is a free online piggy bank that lets users design their own financial goals, by way of saving up money for specific items and helps them reach that goal. It comes with a nice user-friendly yet modern interface and offers effective features to help users manage expenses and group their finances. No more downloading, installing, updating, and paying high subscription fees for third party software. Union Savings Bank serves Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana, with 11 locations in Cincinnati alone. Most financial institutions showcase their financial products and services on their websites, making it easy for individuals to comparison shop. This compensation may impact how and where products appear on this site (including, for example, the order in which they appear). So you can carry all your expenses in detail without miss anything through a simple interface provided by the app that opens up a detailed cost book.
We can say that with this app you will be able to bring up all your bills and expenses and have them always at hand on your phone. You can see the graphs of your cash flow and create budgets to watch spending and manage your income well. With Expensify it is easy to import credit cards or bank accounts and go applying expenses that are held throughout the day. It is divided into different sections where you will find the possibility to record all expenses. If you are not using them, you’re missing out on an excellent opportunity to better manage your financial life. Very few, if at all, other online tools come close to offering such a complete set of money management tools that not only help your keep track of your expenses but also let you plan goals and budget if you wish to do so. Although it is not a complete money management tool per se, but it is extremely effective when it comes to creating and reaching your financial goals.
It can directly connect with your bank accounts, credit card accounts, investment accounts, etc. So, whenever you open Mint, you will be able to see all the transactions of those accounts. It is a cross-platform application, which comes with clients for Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux.
Money Manager EX is a program that allow users to create multiple accounts, add transactions, categories and reports.
One of my favorite feature is that if there is any fee charged to any of your account, it will alert you via email, so that you can review that fee, and take necessary action. Coming back to transactions, it not only shows all the transactions, but also neatly categorizes them. And it keeps evaluating your accounts constantly to give you intelligent money saving suggestion (for example, it might tell you to start a CD with a particular bank to get some interest on the money that is lying uselessly in your account, or change your credit card to some other bank that might give you a lower interest rate). It lets you create a database and manage payees or customize transactions record in your database. In all, if you are one of those who always want to manage the money, but never really do, this is really the best solution out there. It provides a platform with advanced tools for managing and viewing your personal finances in one location. You can use various currencies with your account, such as USD, INR, Euro, Pound, Yen, , etc. It has an investment checkup tool, which comes with high level recommendations for asset allocation. You can use budgeting tools to track and analyze your weekly, monthly, and yearly income or expenses. It also has an application for iPad, iPhone, and Android Smartphone for tracking your finances on the go. HomeBank is a good money management software that is available for different platforms such as Windows, Linux, Mac OSX, etc. You can also view charts and detailed information about budgets and expenses using summary tab. It lets you create bill reminders, add categorized budgets, tag budgets, organize loans, and much more.
It has a category split option, which splits or assigns the transaction amount into different categories.
You can generate and categorize reports or pie charts with entities like food, utility, leisure, rent, etc.
Provide your account’s username and password to automatically download and update transactions. These accounts are considered as categories, and you can also create real accounts (bank account, saving account, etc) to do transactions.
You can add multiple accounts with categories like banks, credit card, real-estate, investments, etc.
Set budget goals for categories like income, expenses, or transfers and get alerts for each transaction.
It lets you share your accounts information to others for collaboration, and communication. It has a default scheduler, which you can use for payments and reminders by defining date and time. You can create multiple budget envelopes by assigning different categories such as groceries, rent, utilities, etc. If you add your real bank account, then you can import transaction reports directly from the bank. At first, choose your primary financial goal with options like Eliminate Debt, Manage My Money, Building Savings, Spend Less, and Other.
To control the budget, add different entries such as bills, spending, personal expenses, etc.

It displays tabular representation of different expense categories with fields like “Budgeted Amount” and “Actual Spent”.
Saving funds tool can be used to manage your periodic expenses and tracking your saving goals.
It lets you add your extra income and expenses using budget new expense, and budget new income buttons. The dashboard lets you monitor and manage your budgets by displaying cash flow, net worth, budget status, etc. You can add multiple accounts with categories like checking account, credit card, saving, assets, and liabilities.
BudgetPulse doesn’t connect with your bank accounts, so either you have to download transactions or enter them manually. Online fundraising tool can be used to collect money from your colleagues, friends, or family through PayPal or Amazon. Simply create a new account by entering a name, currency, opening balance, date format, category, etc. You can track and monitor your income and expenses as well as figure out the possibilities to save money. You can either import previously saved budget or create a new budget with different categories. You can login to save your budget sheet online, or you can view using Word and save it to the computer without login. It generates graphical charts and reports for all accounts to give an overview of statistics.
It provides up-to-date pie charts and graphs that display detailed reports of your finances.
It lets you share your financial information and connect with others for collaborative money management. The bill tracker helps you track your recurring bills, upcoming bills, paid bills, amount due, payee information, etc.
Money Plus Sunset don’t require online activation, and it doesn’t support online features or services from Microsoft.
The new budgeting wizard lets you create a 12 month spending plan and is completely customizable. You can either link your bank accounts or create a manual account to track your income and expenses. It automatically downloads and import transactions from your bank account, credit card account, etc. You can simply create account by entering name, starting balance, and account type (cash, investments, liabilities, credit card, etc.).
You can record and track transactions using various currencies such as Dollar, Euro, Pound, Rupees, etc.
Manage budgeting with different categories such as entertainment, groceries, household, utilities, etc. It lets you create multiple accounts and budgets with different categories, personalized tags, monthly budgets, etc. Generate wide range of reports and graphs to track and analyze your income, expenses, and budgets.
It lets you manage your finances and view statistics with different tabs such as budget view, cash flow view, pay period view, and accounting view. The budgeting tool displays balance graph and lets you sort data by categories, group, description, etc. It lets you create short and long term financial goals, in order to increase savings as well as to track your progress over time.
It allows you to generate different graphs and cash flow reports that can be printed or exported.
To get access, simply sign-up or use your Facebook, Google +, and Twitter credentials to login. It is also an excellent application for budget management that allows clear view of your income and spending. You can create unlimited number of accounts with different currencies available such as Dollar, INR, Pound, Yen, etc.
It displays breakdown of transactions and provides access to options like edit, duplicate, delete, and refund.
It lets you share your account information with others for collaboration and working together.
It lets you create and track budgets with categories like dining, utilities, entertainment, etc.
You can tag your income or expenses with entities like entertainment, utilities, food, rent, etc. You can also schedule a transaction for payments or transfer, which appears on the calendar and acts as a reminder. It allows you to convert normal transactions into scheduled, split scheduled, duplicate scheduled, and auto-pay scheduled transactions. In order to eliminate unnecessary spending and budgeting control, you can assign monthly limits to any tags or accounts.
You can create unlimited budgets with multiple currencies and for different households, investments, sub-companies, etc.
You can synchronize files between Desktop and Android Smartphone using cloud storage such as Dropbox, etc. JustBudget lets you enter your spending on a day-to-day basis and generate accurate stats with graphical and tabular representations.
You can register all your income, expenses and transactions, then analyze and create statistics and graphs with details. It lets you categorize your income or expenses, such as salary, bonus, groceries, utilities, entertainment, etc. You can add multiple transactions and recurring transactions which occur repeatedly in a particular time period.
Your income and expenses (recurrent payments) can be scheduled, so that they can automatically update.
It lets you add different categories and subcategories to an account with entities like opening balance, currency, account name, etc. The balance tab can be used to view and compare balance changes for income and expenses respectively.
You can also add new transaction by specifying its amount, description, category, date, etc.
It also lets you split and duplicate transactions, as well as export them to PDF or Excel files.
It also lets you split your bill payments with your friends and set up reminders for bill dues. On the top of the application interface, it has a bar which displays your income, net savings, budgets, and expenses constantly. It lets you categorize income and expenses, account transfer, download transactions from the bank, etc. TrackEveryCoin also provides options where you can track money you owe to others or vice versa. Add several events which will work as a reminder and you can also add contacts using my address book option.
You can either link your bank accounts or create manual accounts and add transactions or import them from your PC. It lets you manage multiple accounts such as current accounts, prepaid cards, credit cards, wallet, cash, PayPal, etc. You can create different cash-books and assign them to either Standard mode or Business mode. Add multiple tasks from your Twitter account directly and export detailed reports as CSV files.
You can analyze your monthly statements and generate reports with entities like future sales, expenses, operations, cash flow, etc. Create tags or group of tags to label and categorize transactions in order to generate monthly and annual reports.
You can get details of your income and expenses for specific time and date using the survey feature. You can create multiple budgets and goals to monitor your financial status and investment status. Controle.Finance lets you add various accounts and transactions with different currencies available such as Dollar, INR, Pound, Yen, etc. You can keep track of your accounts and transactions, and generate a forecast on scheduled transactions. To keep your data secure and safe, Controle.Finance uses 128-bit encryption, daily backups, and much more.
You can generate various reports with entities like statement summary, budget report, net worth, income vs. The pin board acts as a sticky note, where you can write down anything, like bill payments, upcoming dues, shopping list, etc.
You can create multiple accounts and analyze your income, expenses, budgets, and recurring transactions.
It lets you add different set of colors for different entries like negative balance, normal entry, and zero balance entry. Pibi lets you add tags to the transactions and to customize the payments options as needed. For any account or transaction, you can choose multiple currencies and view exchange rates accordingly. You can set up budgets for monitoring finances to see where your money is going and where it can be saved.
Use Pibi from your mobile phone or tablet and they will automatically synchronize with Pibi cloud. Create new budgets and set spending limits to monitor your expenses with respect to revenues. The dashboard gives a quick glance of your finances and lets you add transactions, view reports, monitor budgets, check balances, and much more. You can create and print financial reports by selecting type and fields such as balance, account number, page orientation, number of columns, etc.
You can generate reports for various accounts and categories as pie charts, line charts, bar charts, and text based reports. It allows you to schedule transactions and set up email reminder for due dates, bill payments, etc. The bill tracker manages all your bills and alerts you for bills due, upcoming bills, bill payment progress, etc. It analyses your financial data and reports in real-time, and remains constantly up-to-date.

It also lets you configure keyboard shortcuts and a date entry widget to enter dates automatically.
The calendar lets you schedule budgets and upcoming payments to analyze your financial health.
You can either connect your bank account or enter manual account information with different categories.
The main feature of PocketSmith is financial forecasts, using which you can enter your income and expenses on a calendar and view your daily balances at a glance. You can create multiple scenarios for each account and test decisions like buying a house, home decorations, planning a wedding, etc. Add transactions using file upload or manual entry and categorize them with pre-defined templates or create your new category template. You can generate interactive reports for your finances as pie charts, line charts, and bar charts.
It lets you set up financial goals with entities like future expenses, emergency funds, savings, and much more. You can create unlimited accounts and add unlimited transactions with specific entities like department, bank account, person, utilities, etc.
You can import financial statements from the bank and categorize transactions automatically.
Enter your transactions offline and synchronize all your account information using cloud services like Dropbox, and Google Drive. BudgetView shows forecast of your budget where you add a project and analyze impacts on accounts. It allows fund transfers between accounts, scheduled transactions, split transactions, and adds recurring transactions or periodic transactions. You can generate and view reports as flow charts, category reports, profit-loss reports, forecast reports, and balance reports. It also supports collaboration by sharing account details but comes with a price of $1.99 per month.
It lets you create your own categories and assign your transactions to them by specifying the vendor. You can generate and export statements, reports and pie-charts as a HTML, TXT, or CSV files. The overall breakdown of your finances is shown by graphs, which represents your personal expenditures. It lets you import transaction statements from your bank or credit card as OFX, QFX, and QBB files. Create budgets with multiple categories and track comparison between actual and budgeted values. You can schedule transaction for any category and monitor periodic transactions or payments. You can authorize Xpenser for gathering your bank statements to import, categorize, and generate expense reports. It also lets you create different projects to track expenses with entities like job, person, department, etc. Customize application configuration such as date format, language, decimal and thousand separators, automatic backups, etc.
It helps you effectively monitor receipts and expenses and generate statistics in a single report. Add new transactions to the database with different fields like amount, target amount, description, etc. Create unlimited companies (accounts) to manage the accounting details and generate reports individually. Add cash receipts for the companies with details like source of income, date, description, etc. It is also portable that means no installation required and can be run from removable devices. It lets you generate five different types of reports such as closing balance, expense, group by, cash-in-hand, and cash receipt reports. Closing balance reports gives you overall breakdown of your credits, debits, and closing balances for a particular time period. Groupby report assembles all the transactions for a particular item and sums up for generating statistics of expenditures.Click Here to go to Home PageBIG4booksBIG4books is a free online application that provides complete accounting solutions for small money and small businesses. It alerts you for transactions or balance negativity and manages your periodical transactions. It comes with tons of accounting tools such as financial statements, invoicing, credit, debit, ledger, various reports, multi-user support, and much more. You can add unlimited number of accounts and transactions with details such as amount, category, date, and description.
It provides you a flexible report generation platform where you can generate your financial statements.
You can add, modify, or delete multiple accounts and transactions like salary, credit card, rent, etc. It allows you to view your financial transactions (income or expenses) at-a-glance using timeline threads. You can also view graphs, transaction lists and generate pie charts and reports for different transaction categories. Each transaction is stored as income or expense, with customized category or predefined categories such as salary income, personal expenses, retails and groceries, etc.
When you send the income and expenses records to Monzia number, it gets updated in real-time. Monzia provides you a free report of income, expenses, and tax due for that particular month. You can enter your daily expenses into multiple predefined categories or customized categories.
It also has other tools such as screenshot thumbnail, bar chart generator, budget distributer, etc. It provides financial reports for available balances, amount overspent, surpluses, excess expenditure for budgeted categories, etc.
The reports module provides graphical representation of monthly spending or for a particular time period. CalendarBudget allows you to set reminders via email for budget plan updates, announcements, upcoming, bills, etc. You can download transactions from your bank and import them to NeoBudget as QIF and OFX files. The free version comes with limitations like 1 user, 1 account, and 10 envelopes which can be overcome by upgrading to paid plan.
It lets you create and customize initial envelopes by entering some revenue and expenditure. Enter different types of transactions such as account transfer, spend, earn, and generic; and track their flows. You can add bill payments and date to organize your bills or pay your bills with simple transactions.
MyUniverse lets you keep updated financial portfolio and track the performance of your finances.
It lets you read and analyze your financial data using spreadsheet or word processor, as PLCash stores data as a plain text. It has tons of other features such as auto categorizes transactions, mobile application, add personal investments, etc.
You can enter your expenses in different categories such as rent, utilities, entertainment, clothing, and so on. BudgetTracker is a complete online money management tool that keeps track of all your accounts and transactions. The main screen displays monthly average expenses, monthly statistics, and overall budget statistics. Add transactions using file upload or manual entry and categorize them with pre-defined categories or create your new category.
Ultimately, BudgetEDGE gives you a platform for money management which is interactive and easy to use.Click Here to go to Home Page22seven22seven is a free online money manager tool that helps you keep track of all your finances in one place. You can link your bank accounts, credit cards, loans, and investments or enter them manually.
It lets you create bill reminders, categorize budgets, tag budgets, organize loans, and much more. It differs most from the rest of the apps in that they don’t offer a formal way to create a budget. Instead you link the app to your bank accounts, credit cards, and other online bill-pay companies, and they help you stay on top of your bills with reminders and automatic payments. The interface is user-friendly, and the app itself is easy to navigate once it’s been set up. Mint (Android, iOS)Mint has been around for a while as a web-based service and its app is just as great as its online counterpart. We consider this the best budget planner available for free download—and it gives many paid options a run for their money as well. The service walks you through your budget with easy to understand expense categories that you can easily adjust as time goes on.
It tracks your spending automatically and alerts you if you’re over-spending in any particular area.
Personal Capital Banking and Investing (iOS)This app does what the others do—create spending alerts and monitor bank accounts and credit cards—but it also has a built-in portfolio manager to monitor your investments. You can transfer money between accounts, track balances, and pay various bills, features that are normally reserved for proprietary banking apps.
Money Lover (Android, iOS)Feature-wise, this app is nearly identical to Mint, with a fresher interface—but Money Lover is unique as it not only comes in 12 languages, but it can operate with over 45 different types of currencies. If you travel or have family living in other countries, using alternate currencies is a reality and often a challenge. She has spent ten years telecommuting full-time, and loves spreading tips and advice for fellow work-at-home parents. She loves gadgets, new ideas, and skiing with her two favorite people: her husband and teenage son. I started using coupons when I was 15 years old and quickly saved my family over $500 per month.
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