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WordUp is a new word puzzle game, which has words to be guessed in grids of letters, ensuring some great brain teasing times. Taking of the basic game play, WordUp is very easy, where one needs to guess right words with alphabets placed in different grids. You can earn coins for every right puzzle, and if you need help, the coins will help in guessing right letters.
WordUp is very common as compared to other games, and if you are looking for something innovative, you may be disappointed.

WordUp is free for download on iOS and Android for now, and there are in-app purchases, which is intended to help the player with struck puzzles. The levels are dependent on one another, so you cannot cross one when you haven’t cleared the previous one. The initial levels may seem easy, but probably the developers wanted to get more players of all ages on board. The levels are named interestingly with name of animals, so if the initial level is called amoeba, the toughest one is called alien.

The first levels involve simple words, but with every passing level, there’s lot to be enjoyed.

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