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If you carelessly delete the important iMessages with pictures your friends have sent to share with you, what will you do to recover deleted picture messages?
Download the trial version of the iPhone data recovery software and learn how to retrieve deleted iMessages by referring to the 2 methods below. After a few seconds, the program will display backups of different iOS devices you have ever backed up through iTunes on this computer.
After scanning, 12 kinds of data will be listed on the left sidebar, containing Camera Roll, Photo Stream, Photo Library, Contacts, Messages, etc.
When the scanning ends, all the 12 types of data on your iPhone will be displayed on the left sidebar. Starting with Windows Phone 8, a Backup and Restore feature is available which can Sync SMS, Call History, IE Favourites, Save Photos to SkyDrive and backup your phone settings to cloud. Now even when you switch to different Windows Phone or even change your number but use the same Microsoft Account on that phone, the data can retrieved back to your phone in few minutes. App List : Backup can remember the list of apps you had installed on your phone from the day you start using the Marketplace. Photo Backup to Skydrive : You can choose to back up your photos even if it uses Mobile Data. If you chose to restore, the next screen will update you about the how the restore will take place. Then, while we install your apps and games, you can starts using your phone and rearranging your Tiles. Windows Phone takes automatic backup at least once a day if you are connected to WIFI Network long enough. This feature is not available to Windows Phone 7.5 users and they need to follow up this method.
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I have tried backup and restore for many times SMS and MMS call history works fine but the apps listings does not restore apps.
Hey Thanks, What does it show when you get to the store or the section where all apps are listed ?
Hello, I do not have a data plan but the phone does not give me a chance before this menu to hook up to my WiFi at home. I can understand why some people would want to use the cloud, but not everyone should be forced to use it.
Ashish, how do I back up contacts, call history, sms messages to my pc without going through the cloud. Yes from phone but it is backed up online so when you install again with same phone number, you can download it.
Thanks for the sms are not getting restored!!Is there any way to restore them manually?

I think the question has been asked many times but it’s my first time here and my question is probably simple for you. When you have a Xiaomi or Redmi mobile phone and want to upgrade to a new iPhone, which data migration tool will you choose? Download the free trial version of this mobile phone data transfer software on to your PC or Mac now before we use it to migrate files from one phone to another. Run the data transfer program on your computer and click Phone to Phone Transfer from its home interface. In the middle column of this phone to phone data transfer screen, you can find a list of all supported file and documents types, including contacts, messages, call logs, calendars, photos, videos, music, apps, app data, etc. To copy data the other way around, you just need to click the Flip button between the two phones to switch their positions, making iPhone the source device and Xiaomi or Redmi the destination device. When you have the same contacts on both Xiaomi and iPhone, this mobile phone data software should be smart enough to ignore or merge duplicate contacts.
Once the mobile phone transfer software moved over all your text messages from Xiaomi to iPhone, your iPhone will be restarted automatically. With the featured iMessage, you can send unlimited free messages over Wi-Fi to one person or to many friends at once along with photos, videos, locations, contacts or links attached. Just select the backup you want to recover deleted iMessages from and click “Scan” button to scan the backup for specific contents. Click the “Messages” category to preview all the text messages, MMS, iMessages on your iDevice. However if, you delete them from your phone and a backup gets initiated after that, there is no way to restore it. Instantly Windows Phone will give you two option, First is to restore from previous backup and second is to start fresh.
So make sure to connect with WIFI Network, so the download is smooth else go to the marketplace and pause all of them one by one so your mobile data is not used. In case you do not connect to a WIFI network for a month, it will use the mobile data to backup your phone. He Owns a Lumia 950 XL, Lumia 550, Lumia 1020 & BLU WIN HD LTE and have used all the Lumia Phones and Non Lumia Phones as well. Many mobile phone data transfer tools are compatible with either Android devices or iPhone.Only few of them can work with both Android and iPhone, Mobile Transfer is one of them. When you upgrade from old to new phone, moving over the contacts is most likely the first thing you need to do. Connect your iPhone and Android phone, in this case your Xiaomi or Redmi mobile phone, to computer using their original USB data cable. Once you have selected the data types, click the Transfer button to copy the selected files between them. After that, choose the file types to transfer and hit the transfer button, all selected data will be migrated or copied over instantly.

After that you will find all the Xiaomi phone text messages are copied to iPhone Messages app. Compared with common text messages like SMS or MMS, iMessages has its unique advantages over the two common texting methods. Or check “Only display the deleted items” on the bottom-left corner of the preview interface if you need.
If they had advertised you could not conduct a simple backup of everything via pc, I would never have gotten this phone.
However they can only be restored to another windows phone or when you reset your existing phone and use the same Microsoft account. This mobile phone data transfer and backup tool works with iPhone, Android, Nokia, Windows phone and Blackberry. The mobile transfer tool we use in this demo requires both Android phone and iPhone connected to PC or Mac via USB, you can then select the file types you need to transfer and one-click to copy all selected data over from one phone to the other. If you find they are in the wrong positions, simply click the Flip button between them to switch. If so, you can refer to this guide to merge duplicate contacts on iPhone, and following article to merge duplicate contacts on Android phone. Also Did you try this restore by manually pushing the backup and then hit reset and restore later. In this article, we will show you how easy your data migration between Xiaomi phone and iPhone could be. In this case, we need to copy contact and text messages from Xiaomi to iPhone, thus the Xiaomi or Redmi phone should be on the left hand side, iPhone on the right. In this demo, we will copy both contacts and text messages from Xiaomi to iPhone, thus you need to click to select them here. It allows you to retrieve deleted iMessages as well as all the iMessage attachments, including photos, videos, contacts, etc. I think most of us won’t allow a stranger to just walk right up into your house and begin to observe your eating habits, tv shows you watch etc. We will demonstrate how you can copy contacts and text messages from Xiaomi or Redmi phone to iPhone. You can however transfer photos, videos, music and other files from Xiaomi to iPhone or vice versa. You can call the customers service to ask them before you do a full request for your SMS and calls.

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