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I love the idea of Feng Shui and while I don’t have it all down, I do believe in concept and I do believe it can change the way you feel and live.
Now that you have found your prosperity corner, here are five things you can do to stir up good energy in that space to bring about positive change in your finances and attract more wealth!
Clear Out The Clutter -  You want the energy in this area to flow as easily as you’d like money to flow into your life. If you try any of these things, come on back and let me know how it made a difference.  Have something that has worked for you in your prosperity corner?  Leave a comment and tell me about it. This item comes packaged in a ring box with a rune card listing the meanings and uses of each runic symbol. Last year, a lot of my apple crop and some of my pear crop were infested with codling moth larvae.
The purpose of hanging a codling moth trap and lure in your trees is to attract the moths away from your fruit and into the lure, where they drown in the liquid. Some people said it was important to have only one hole in the container, and others said it was good to put two holes so the lure can waft through the orchard. After a week and a half, I brought the traps in and checked them to see which ones worked well and which ones didn’t.
So, in my opinion, use the apple cider vinegar and molasses recipe for a lure, and cut holes in both sides of your container.

We endorse this dealer as our all-around favorite for purchasing and storing precious metals.
After take out most of the plants, we found the video below, and followed its recipe for a fruit fly trap.
Select your preferred way to display the comments and click "Save settings" to activate your changes. If you don’t know, Feng Shui is about balancing energy in your home or office to bring positive change. Is it difficult to walk around the room.  How does the room feel when you walk in, are you breathing easy or do you have that feeling of being suffocated?
Not only does it serve the purpose of lighting up a dark corner, it also is something that makes me feel prosperous. Given that I don’t spray my trees, I needed to come up with an alternative for control, unless I wanted to grow apples for the moths.
Some people swore that painting red around the hole would attract more moths, and others didn’t mention it.
His website provides useful, timely information for the experienced or beginning gardener, landscaper, or permaculturalist.
This season, I’ve sprayed kaolin clay, which is a tiny clay particle that you spray on to the leaves and the fruit.

As I was researching this project, I wasn’t certain what would be the best type of lure and the best type of trap to use. The containers with red around the openings did NOT catch anymore moths than the ones that did not have red.
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I poured the lure into my containers outside, because I did not want to spill sticky molasses. This has worked well so far, as we’ve already had our best cherry harvest yet, and the apples and pears still look pretty clean. So, I decided to try slightly different traps and lure recipes to find what worked best for me. The apple cider vinegar and molasses lure did catch more that the straight molasses and water recipe.

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