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Drug abuse, addiction, manufacturing, and distribution have all been depicted time and time again on the silver screen, and we’ve done our best to identify the top ten. Perhaps the best road film in American history, Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper star as drug dealers on their famous motorcycles.
The most recent film on this list depicts just about every type of drug imaginable and has, unsurprisingly, led to an exponential increase in internet searches for “quaaludes”. George Jung’s life is chronicled in this 2001 film about the cocaine trade and the Medellin Cartel.
Trainspotting was the second feature film for both director Danny Boyle and actor Ewan McGregor. Methamphetamines in the Ozarks leads to a cruel, dark existence perhaps best portrayed in Winter’s Bone. Jon Voigt and Dustin Hoffman were each nominated for an Oscar for their roles in the only Rated X movie to ever win Best Picture.
Message from the site owner: Managing and updating this site takes a lot of time and money. This entry was posted in Movies and TV, Uncategorized and tagged movies about drug addiction, movies about drugs on February 12, 2014 by db. I created a channel on Fayve out of this awesome top 10 movies about drugs list so you could see where to watch each of the films. Midnight Cowboy has absolutely nothing to do with heroin (it’s not mentioned or used even once) and the ending has nothing to do with drugs of any kind.
We children from bahnhof zoo is definetely the movie which gives the best insight on heroin addiction.
Fear and loathing in las vegas wudnt go down a miss to be honest, one of the all time greats, if your into drugs, curious or just want to see something hilarious, give this film a watch! When I came to live in Egypt and became Muslim, I had no intention of being with more men, least of all an Adonis. As we spent more time together I caught myself watching him in the same way I would look repeatedly at a beautiful view, and repeatedly wanting to touch him not simply as a lover, but as I would a beautiful animal, just for the pleasure of stroking the lines of his face and body. My Adonis is fortunately NOT one of those self obsessed creatures that give the name a negative connotation. He also knows the power of his looks, and although he would deny it he subtly uses those smiling eyes and fit body to charm people in his work and socially.
If you are going to fall for an Adonis, be prepared to give up jealousy and doubt, or live with recurring torture. Although I have become less self-conscious about my looks with age, I sometimes feel more insecure because of his near perfection. My conclusion – never love an Adonis for his beauty only, but like any beauty that comes into your life, whether it is great art or nature’s magnificence, and treasure the moments you get to savor him.

Ellen Burstyn was nominated for an Academy Award for her unforgettable performance as Sara Goldfarb. One of the classic films of the American counterculture and one of the best movies about drugs.
DiCaprio and Jonah Hill were each nominated for Academy Awards for their acting in this movie about drugs, greed, and corruption. Heroin is the drug of choice in the film, whose screenplay was nominated for an Academy Award. This film brought Jennifer Lawrence widespread critical acclaim and an Oscar nomination for Best Actress. It gives a gritty depiction of drug-addicted New York (heroin, mostly) and ends with one of the most famous and depressing ending scenes in movies about drugs. We’re not asking for donations, but we do ask that you express your support by following us on Twitter  or by liking us on our brand new Facebook page.
Though quite disturbing, it has excellent acting by very young actors and actresses, based on a true story and is objective. While I believe every person has some aspect that is beautiful, society does not judge this way. Some looked downright strange – too tall, too thin, irregular facial features, weird hair that never behaved itself, not enough hair, pale skin when tans were fashionable, no muscle definition.
There are thousands of men here who fit that ideal – Egyptian girls you are very lucky, though I know the women here don’t always see how beautiful their men are, and vice versa. It was his kindness and personality, and that intangible something that draws a heart to a heart, a soul to a soul. He knows he is good looking and well built, but he knows there are others like this and does not think he is superior. When he ran out of hair product, my conditioner was immediately and unquestioningly taken over for his use.
This presses my jealousy button and no matter how much I trust him, I would feel more secure if he did not look so good and constantly have other people affirm this. He will see what he does because it is impossible to always hide your reactions to this, but there is no guarantee he will or even can change his behavior. My feelings see-saw on this – sometimes I feel braver and unashamed because I have this Adonis in my life, at other times I am intensely aware that he will always be conscious of my lack of youth and beauty, no matter how he feels about me in other ways. It took home four Academy Awards – Best Director, Best Supporting Actor, Best Film Editing, and Best Adapted Screenplay. Initially met with a lukewarm reaction from critics, the film has since received contemporary praise.
Although I saw many examples of what would be considered “plain” girls with men whose beauty rated high on society’s scale of Handsome and Fit, these qualities remained low on my list of “what I look for in a man”.

I was also suspicious of any interest in me because many men here chase foreign women for the wrong reasons…Then I met Adonis!
Later I wrote him a long list of things I love about him, and his appearance is not mentioned. I realized I had actually never taken a photo of any previous boyfriend or lover, but I was photographing him when he looked his best and when he looked his worst, which was still beautiful. He takes pride in his looks not from vanity, but from self-respect, because he believes in presenting his best face to the world. I delight in teasing him about his hair, which is now starting to thin, and ruffling it to mess up his perfected styling, but he takes this very seriously. And he can’t make himself ugly…so even if he behaves like an angel, others will be drawn to him.
Without my love of so many other aspects of him, I definitely could not live with the Adonis negatives. So I was free to choose my companions and lovers not based on the things that make a good life partner, but for whatever reasons – their intelligence, interests, enthusiasm for life, sense of humor, romantic nature, passion, our mutual friends and social circles.
I also like to look good and dress well, but he makes this more of a priority and it sometimes displaces the things that I think should be more important, for example I feel looking wonderful is not more important than being somewhere on time as promised.
Not only the women my mother’s age were attracted to him, even my school friends spoke adoringly of him.
Then I got sick and he really showed he was more than a pretty face and body, taking care of me like a brother.
I believe this comes not from vanity or pride in his body, but due to working on a beach for most of his life.
Some of my female friends chose partners based on how much they earned; their car, their apartment, their yacht (!), but status and money were never deciders for me. He set the benchmark for me, that there is far more to look for in a man than how he looks. All the flowers and romantic words in the world or the most perfect physical beauty could never better that. Other friends chose their men for their impressive biceps, handsome face, great hair or style. Having a nearly naked Adonis making tea or cooking for you is a delight few women would complain about.

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