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We do not claim ownership or rights over images, scraps, photos, animations hosted on this site unless specified. Our only purpose is to Provide free images, greeting cards, scraps, glitters for your entertainment! If you are the women who is not afraid of her feminine part then show your pink and tell the world how bold you are. The Asus 1008HA has a unique sea-shell inspired design with smooth curves and an ultra-slim profile so will fit easily in your bag and is ideal for traveling around. The Sony W Series offers the practicality and portability of a 10″ netbook computer with the assurance of quality, beauty and reliability of a major brand. Toshiba Mini NB205 is another excellent netbook that offers great battery life and ergonomic keyboard and touchpad. Comic companies for the last 20 years have offered special covers to attract consumers to buy more of an individual comic. Continuing the theme of appreciation, I want to focus this week on appreciating your clients because often you can be so focused on getting the clients that once we’ve got them you can almost take them for granted. Now there are lots of reasons why I want you to focus on appreciating your clients and the first one is this, in the law of attraction, the Universe, whatever it is that you believe in, when you focus on what you have then you attract more of it.  It’s really important to focus on the aspects of your ideal clients because we all know what it’s like to work with our ideal clients, we love every minute with them, they get great results everything goes swimmingly.
On the other hand if you take on a client that in your gut instinct you know isn’t the right fit for you, nothing seems to flow and that is why it’s important that you get all the aspects of your ideal client, not just in your mind but down on paper so that when you really learn to refine this, it’s easy.
You see an ideal client is somebody who is in alignment with you and the person you are, values like honesty, integrity, and commitment, all these different aspects go to make up an ideal client.
Make this a priority because like I have said on a daily basis if you are in the situation where you are looking for more clients maybe you are putting on an event where you are wanting to attract more prospects and clients then appreciating those you have and the reasons why you appreciate those specific clients you’ve got will effortlessly allow you to attract more of the same. It’s a really simple technique, I use it all the time and consequently I work with only my ideal clients and that is what you want, it’s your business to do what you want and when you want with the clients you want.

A pink laptop is not like one would expect the traditional color to be, but rather it is in a plethora of unique and interesting shades of pink that even a guy wouldn’t mind purchasing.
The soft pink case is smoothly rounded at the edges to prevent knocks and the Sony employs a new kind of touch pad which incorporates a texteured palm rest so it’s easier and more comfortable to use while on the move. Additionally, Toshiba NB205 provides extra protection to your data with its impact sensor which safeguards data from everyday bump and grind.
The covers could be anything from a shiny chromium cover to make the comic pop out like Superman #82 to a comic with multiple variant covers for one issue like the All New X-Men #1 has 11 different covers for the first printing. If you’re a geek who is eyeing a lady love, this is could probably make her fall in love with you. To the average comic fan this can be a little too much because in the case of Superman #82 speculators, collectors in it just for the money, buy out all the issues before the regular reader can even get their hands on them.
Unlike the gray and functional laptops, these are the top 10 worth having laptops that money can buy! From one solid piece of aluminum comes a Pink MacBook Pro that’s thin and light, beautifully streamlined, and durable. In the case of the All New X-Men #1 can make it extremely difficult for a fan of certain superheroes to collect every issue. Every new MacBook Pro features an advanced built-in battery that lasts up to 7 hours (8 hours on the 17-inch MacBook Pro) on a single charge. To be honest for the most part I disapprove of this practice from the comic industry, with the exception of the blank variant cover.    The blank variant comic cover has become pretty popular in recent years and its origins in most collectors opinions started with Amazing Spider-Man #36 Vol.
The processor is based on groundbreaking 45-nm process technology and advanced Core microarchitecture. Over the years many fans brought this issue with them to conventions to have their favorite artists sketch an image of their choice on the comic. Artists in the industry caught on with how popular this was becoming with the fans and asked the industry to start making blank variant covers for fans.    The blank variant cover is amazing because the possibilities are endless of what a person can come up with as to what superheroes should be on the cover and what kind of action the superhero is doing.

Local artist Shelby Robertson, Leprecon 39 local artist guest of honor, has done some fantastic examples of what I am talking about.
I have an Avengers #1 from him in which he drew the entire cast of the Big Bang Theory as members of the X-Men with the exception of Sheldon who appears as the Flash. CopperCon Revolution will have legendary artists Mike Grell and Steve Leialoha as well as other artists in the dealer room capable of doing this kind of work.
The thing to remember is come prepared to the con with what the artist will need to do the work.    Don’t expect the artist to know every superhero in the comic universe bring examples of the superheroes you want sketched. The other good reason for bringing an example is most superheroes have quite a few different suit variations as well the artist might not draw your favorite version without that picture. If you have a favorite issue cover that you want to imitate with different heroes or pay homage to bring an example of that cover to the con for the artist.
Make sure you have enough money to cover the artist’s work that he does for you at the con.    Every artist has a different price in which he will charge for the work being done on the comic. A good example is Mike Grell for CopperCon Revolution he will be charging $50 for a head of a superhero and $100 for full body of a superhero. No artist charges the same rate, for instance Neal Adams last known rate was $500 for a head and a $1000 for full body.
Stop by Leprecon 39, Phoenix ComicCon, CopperCon Revolution to get your own custom sketch cover of your favorite heroes by your favorite artists.

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