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Did you ever observe something and think to yourself, "I could do that?" I know I have, though watching Usain Bolt in the 100 meters is not one of those things. We have all been there: complete misinformation or simply all-encompassing confusion, fueling a passionate argument that could not prove more ludicrous. This dude strapped a GoPro to a Hot Wheels car as it traveled through 8 different track sections all connected by tunnels.
You've seen the athletes at the Rio games look down at the colorful little thingees after they won a medal. Dad cannot stop gagging while trying to change a baby's stinky diaper for the first time!!
But seriously, Minnesota making a strong push for inclusion in the latest edition of the Darwin Awards. Channel 9 Melbourne, Australia weather presenter Rebecca Judd is about to take some time off on maternity leave and her coworker leans in for a kiss and Rebecca is NOT having it!
A I lived in Minnesota for a few years and they loved to make fun of some of the weird stuff people in Wisconsin do, and rightfully so. A But, silver lining, you can fit your dented Jeep in the garage finally, so you got that going for ya.
About 200 feet of track was used, and it was filmed with a GoPro mounted on a 2014 Pharadox car.

See that cute looking who just posted a comment on your friend’s kitten video du jour?Well, check out her profile, see if she’s single and friend her and then chat with her when she logs on.
It goes without saying that there also many websites whose whole raison d’etre is helping men meet single women and vice versa. There are even guides to help you build a profile that will make you practically irresistible.So, what you need to remember is that the internet isn’t just for porn and “pheromone” shopping, it can help you meet women. This is the 21st century for crying out loud!A friend in need, is a friend indeedWhen it comes to learning how to meet women, a lot of men seem to forget that they have friends and that those friends have friends and know people too. Just talk to your friends about the fact that you are looking for a girl and chances are that they will have a single friend to introduce you to. They might even have plenty!What you need to remember however is that you need to make your intentions about that girl perfectly clear to your friends. If you are looking for a one night stand or something casual and not a relationship, they should know in advance in order to introduce you to the right person.It’s also a good idea to ask that they introduce you to a co-worker or a mere acquaintance than one of their good friends or, even worse, a family member. You don’t want to cause problems for your mates should things go south.Take up a hobbyWhat do I mean by taking up a hobby?
I certainly don’t mean playing Call Of Duty and other video games or collecting comic books. Dance and cooking classes for example are ideal for meeting young and older women alike.Taking up a foreign language will probably allow you to meet foreign women. Go out and have some fun, either by yourself or with your friends and you will literally find yourself surrounded by single women.

Sure, you will strike out a few times, but eventually you will succeed.You will become better at meeting and talking to women with each girl you talk to. In other words, even if you don’t get to “score” or meet the love of your life, each night you go out will definitely provide you with valuable lessons and experience.Be openDon’t set lofty and limiting goals.
Don’t say things like “I am only interested in meeting rich women” as that will essentially become an excuse not to meet ANY woman. The higher and more defined the standards you set, the more excuses you will provide yourself to not talk to women.Remember, it doesn’t matter if you crash and burn when you try to meet a girl. The more you put yourself out there, the better you will become at this whole attraction and seduction thing.Those are the basics of how to meet women.
Once you master them, you will need to work a bit on your seduction and conversation skills to round up the package. If you want to take things even further, you can also look into how last longer in bed, but as they say in Conan: The Barbarian “This is a story for another time”. And another article, if I may add.Just remember, that all the dating tips in the world are useless if you don’t know how to meet women and where.

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