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The Libra zodiac sign is active, easygoing, diplomatic, peace-keeping, prizes beauty and harmony, artistic, polished, charming, socially inclined and have a strong sense of justice.
Due to the superficiality of the Libra, they tend to judge others by outward appearances and may be the prey for a sophisticated schemer with a charming facade.  They can be very gullible, lacking the ability to probe deeper into a situation or person.
When a Libra falls in love they will give a great deal of themselves, doing everything in their power to please their partner. In love, Libras are superb listeners.  A lover who can keep up with the social life of the Libra will be a good match. A Libras favorite subject however is often themselves.  Anyone who shows interest in the subject of them will immediately win them over. This site is inspired by the things I check when I like someone and want to know if they like me back.
I'm here to bring you the best tips and advice for dating as well as astrological love info, compatibility stuff and more. I've done more than my fair share of dating and whilst I'm happily settled with my very own Love King these days, I've learned many lessons in love and dating the hard way so I decided I would like to share the wisdom gained from my successes and mistakes to other women and men around the world! Aquarius and Pisces love compatibility is one of the most discussed matches in the entire Zodiac.
Make no mistake about it Aquarius woman and Pisces man love compatibility is not much different from the love compatibility of other signs of the horoscope. If there’s any one question that would govern Aquarius woman and Pisces man love compatibility, it would be this: Who is the boss?
Seriously, you have to understand that the Aquarius woman prides herself in being strong; she prides herself in being resourceful and having the resources, the power and the energy to just go into any situation and take care of business. Unfortunately the Aquarius woman and Pisces man love compatibility really hits the skids regarding dominance.
You just have to understand how Aquarius woman and Pisces man love compatibility can be managed so as to work for both partners’ advantage.

So even if you don’t feel like giving, you give because the relationship requires it. Every relationship is not like a fixed pie that if your slice of the pie gets bigger, your partner’s slice gets smaller by necessity. Aquarius woman and Pisces man love compatibility takes a lot of understanding and a lot of commitment. This is what leads to mutual respect and in my opinion respect is the bottom line in maximizing Aquarius woman and Pisces man love compatibility. I truly believe that my gift of psychic ability and insight is a blessing to me and if I have a responsibility to use my God given gifts to help others. It’s not hard to figure out why an Aquarius woman would be attracted to a Pisces man and vice-versa. Unfortunately, it can also lead to his ruin because a Pisces man can sometimes make decisions without getting all the facts together. However, the big difference with the Aquarius personality is they tend to be even more headstrong. If you think that the Pisces man tends to make mistakes because of incomplete information or acting on impulse, you should be ten times more concerned for the Aquarius woman. It’s like mixing gasoline with raging fire but in reality like with other match ups in the horoscope, it can actually lead to a very beautiful and mutually beneficial place.
Both signs need to mature to a certain level and really show the more polished sides of their astrological sign for this to happen.
The willingness to grow and willingness to give each other the space and patience needed to blossom in the relationship. She might not show it in her actions but she will definitely show it in her words and definitely, she will feel it in her thoughts. This is why it’s very common for both partners to feel that their toes are being stepped on at an emotional level.

A contract is basically a legal agreement where if you do something for somebody, they do something back. If you don’t feel like reciprocating, you still have to reciprocate because the relationship requires it. This is why some husbands and wives continue to care for each other when the husband or wife is stricken with cancer, has all sorts of boil that is completely hideous and disgusting and has open sores. If you look at your relationship this way with many different spheres instead of stepping on each other’s toes, you are complementing completely each other.
Want to know more about their personality traits, what they are like in a relationship and more? If a Pisces would make a decision when two things out of ten are right, the Aquarius might make a decision even when nothing is right.
It’s not uncommon for an Aquarius woman and a Pisces man in a relationship to basically fight about who is being dominated and who is the dominant partner. Love relationships, at least the ones that are emotionally fulfilling and lead to spiritual growth, have to assume that love is a partnership and just like in any partnership, both people cannot do the same job. The Pisces man is known for making a decision, charging in there, taking control, giving it everything he’s got and standing by his decision. What makes the Pisces man especially tragic is that he will continue with his decision even if he knows it’s wrong. This is a key realization that both partners must understand so that they can adapt the key solution that will ensure maximum Aquarius woman and Pisces man love compatibility. Not just sexually, not just physically, not just emotionally but also spiritually which you will need as you grow old together.

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