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Some guys will think it’s cute, others might be shy due to society pushing men to become more submissive than olden times. So, I say if you like the guy and he seems like he may like you, but has not said or done anything and you want him too. Recent PostsMy guy friend is giving me mixed signals!Hey, so I know this boy since high school. You May Also Like:20 Hilarious Notes Written by KidsThe 16 Most Ridiculous Questions Asked on Yahoo!

Take it from me, it means you might have to take action and take control of the situation yourself. However, I realize not every guy is able to make that drastic of a change and especially when he’s a more quiet and reserved guy who does his own thing. Well you are definitely wrong, and that most guys actually find it pretty attractive and it shows the girl has confidence to fight and get what she wants.
I find a lot of men in business or in busy careers just spend all their time at work and the office.

Then she has to be the one to make a move and I find women realize how hard it is for men when they also take the leap for once.

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