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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Introduction•Below is a description of the basic principles and procedures of the most recognized methods for teaching a second or foreign language. But how can reading strategies be temporarily effective when explicitly teaching these strategies can help struggling readers to realize where they might be struggling in the reading process?  If you had unlimited amounts of time and resources, some students would still not understand the text because of the method by which they are reading (ex. But critically, strategies are useless when students lack the background knowledge and vocabulary needed to make meaning.
I completely agree with your point about the value of teaching reading strategies to struggling readers. After eight intense weeks of debates on minority languages, language education, national and EU wide policies, I know more about languages than I though would ever know. Bilingualism and bilingual education can be approached from several different perspectives. In her research Tuominen finds out that in most families the children decide which language is spoken at home.
To the few readers of this blog: I wish you all the best After Maastricht and hope to see you again one day. To summarize my position or even explain my opinion on the question how Europe will speak 2050 is harder and more complex than previously assumed.
Over the last three years as a European Studies student in Maastricht, the topics of imperialism and colonization crossed my way several times.
I read through different articles and books concerened with German in New Guniea and realised, that there acutally were more policies in the colony, reagriding the use of German, than I expected.
Nowadays, the islands New Guniea and Samoa are the most ligustically diverse places on earth. The dialect Magati Ke is spoken by the Wadeye community the Northern Territory (Australia).
One way to rank the shift in languages is the ‘Graded Intergenerational Disruption Scale’ (GIDS) by Joshua Fishman.
Maybe its because I have lived in Australia and relate to it, but measures by the state government have to be taken, not only to preserve Magati Ke, but also the Aborigine society, the natives of Australia.
If you have any questions or difficulties to understand certain parts, don’t hesitate writing Ninja or me. This shop has just opened recently and offers handmade goods (business slogan), craft workshops as well as occupies a little cafe in its premises. These are only two examples of shops in the center of Maastricht using different languages than Dutch in their business names and slogans.
When I started to write this weeks blog entry I planned to elaborate on my stays abroad, reflecting the multilingualism of cities like Singapore or the multiculturalism in experienced in Sydney.
This weekend is Eastern and as many others, in a few hours I will jump in a car and drive home.
Personally, the environment where I can detect the most significant multilingual and multicultural experiences is in school. I am really astonished my how I could apply the knowledge I gained in linguistic studies so far apply on personal experiences. Language Rich Environment Art Center This center is set up so that children can easily access the materials that are located on low shelves as well as participate in a teacher directed activity. Core knowledge is enhanced with 21st C skills while 21st C skills are more effective with core knowledge.
So now it comes back to the last blog entry and I have to choose “a field of language policies I particularly like”.
However, the number of multicultural families has significantly increased in the last years, hence became a big topic in society and also as part of the After Babel course.
Colin Baker dedicated two chapters of his book on this topic, examining different forms of bilingual families and how they are structured. Speaking a native language at home is not primarily for the purpose of a kid talking and writing in the perfect syntax and grammar. Again, I would trace back the finding that most children prefer English over the native language to the (wrong) approach of the parents. It has been enjoyable three years and I would not want to miss one day (maybe one or two courses though ). In the end I opt for the way that national languages will preserve, but the role of English will increase to an importance, in every aspect of life. Introduced with the Idea of Europe, then again examined in Bloody Diversity, maybe mentioned in a side sentence during an International Relations discussion. Before the First World War, the German colonial empire comprised seven colonies in Africa, Asia and Oceania. Overall, the reason why there was the strong willingness to implement German was to stabilize the colonies internal as well as external. Here the Aborigines constitute a minority within the society and often live in close communities outside the society. By definition this means that the language is “thought to be beyond the possibility of survival” as it is only spoken by a few elderly people (D. I discovered two shops, one on my way to FASOS, the other the way between my home and the library. What I found interesting about this business is that they chose an English name as well as slogan but write the list for the craft courses solely in Dutch. They mirror the increasing international character of the city, but still sticking to the Dutch roots and nationality.

However, after an ongoing process of writing and deleting paragraphs it came to my mind that the interesting part might be much closer.
When I look back at my time at school, I can recall sitting in a room with a polish boy, three Persians (including me), my friend Julia from Russia, Paola who is half Bulgarian, half Greek. I think all along we know that discussion groups, practice by doing, and teaching other is more beneficial, but we tend to focus on lecturing. Learning a second language and being educated bilingual is an advantage and a gift that should be seen as such.
Look at me, I made it to through primary school, high school and now university in another country.
I might just have answered: “Die werden deutsch sprechen, und dann richtig gut englisch, weil das immer immer mehr wichtig wird”. In the debate whether this is good or bad I would position my self in the “ich finds gut” corner. Now, in the last course of my Bachelor, this week’s blog entry is dedicated to language imperialism.
I will specifically look at the former German colonies in the South-Pacific region, in detail the islands New Guinea and Samoa. It is striking, that even before the coloniazation indoeuropean languages were present in that area. Different as planned by the German colonial powers, Tok Pisin, an ENGLISCH-BASED CREOL serves as Lingua Franca.
The target group is rather middle aged or old people, as they do not have sneakers or such in the window. With the location next to the library and the cafe offer I would have expected them to offer courses in English too, in order to reach a broader target group. German is my mother tongue, but since I study in English, I find it hard to write official letters or papers. By providing many open ended materials the children can use their imagination to create a multitude of projects. I think teachers spend more time lecturing because, it is easier when actually it is the hardest thing for the students when it comes to learning.
Anne Tuominen deepens the topic of bilingualism in families and approaches it with a qualitative analysis by interviewing different families. Tuomines article triggered some thoughts on how I will do it with my kids and how differences in society are used on every aspect in life. Nevertheless, am do I agree with Ullrich Ammon, who describes the growing feeling in Germany about the incompability between the country’s endeavors to maintain German as an international language, on the one hand, and the upgrading and expansion of English on the other. Both were taken under German possession between 1884 and 1900 and remained as such until Versaille in 1919. I strongly experienced these feelings, as aborigines are often excluded from the society and perceived as different and negative.
It is one of the oldest languages, which has only been spoken orally and never been recorded.
National Geographic and other reports by linguists state that there are no more than five people who can speak this language.
This is because there are only a very few remaining users of the language, and additionally most of them are old and live socially isolated. Maybe because we were not really aware of the (academic) term, or maybe just because we did not care about the origin, mostly of our parents. However, the use of those divided between private life (German) and University use (English). Also, Teachers can plan activities that will further foster the development of language and creative activities in art based on their observations.
I find the larger portions of the pyramid can be related to inquiry activities by using the upper levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation (Coffman, 2009, p.
English, at least for me, opens possibility to communicate with the entire world (ok ok probably not the entire but you get what I mean). The importance of the national language in terms of expressing culture and national needs should not be despised.
However, there are less than 100 native speakers today, subsequently it constitutes a minority language. Thus, when I had to choose which minority language I want to further examine, it was clear to go back to my time in Australia and evaluate the language of the aborigines. What I experienced during my time in Australia and also read while researching for this article is that aborigines really live outside society and are less accepted. There are many shop owners with a French mother tongue, and many costumers who travel from Belgium to Maastricht in order to go shopping.
To that time I did not experience debates such as identity struggles due to multilinguism or such.
Regarding my french… well, that was during a time of my life I seriously thought medicine would be my thing.
The role of the teacher is to encourage oral language between children, asking many open-ended questions, and to impose the importance of safety with materials and turn taking.
In her article she argues, that “the parents’ educational and socioeconomic statuses also influence the shift toward English language usage because poor and less-educated parents have few resources to help them with home language maintenance”.
And this I do not solely say on economic ground (even though it is hard to not think about it when knowing that you are done with the Bachelors in three weeks) but also on social. German was also a tool of differentiation within the society as German was for the exploiter and non-german for the exploited.

This is a good example for the implementation and use of the different languages common in the area around Maastricht.
So now I understand what Cato meant when shouting “ceterum censeo Carthaginem esse delendam”.
The world moves closer together every day, and so do people across borders as they have one tiny thing in common: the ability to speak English.
Thus here one can see the relation of a dying language and the marginalization of the people who speak this language. The function of the sign is to attract more costumers and to support the international character in Maastricht. I recognize and appreciate the ongoing debate between scholars, however, my personal experience shows that growing up in mid of the second biggest city of Germany did not make me aware of multikulti as such.
What I cannot follow are the table conversations at my boyfriends place and read the menu in small romantic Parisienne cafes. I rather argue that when you grow up in such an urban, metropolitan city there is no need to argue about it, since it is the natural environment.
Before doing a color mixing activity I would read a book during circle time about colors and what happens when you mix them. All parents, even those for who English is not the native language speak English fluently at home.
Consequently, it is harder for children to accept a different language and put in the effort to learn it, when English comes easily.
The activity would include having the children paint their hands different colors placing them on a white piece of paper.
Consequently, most children asked answered described their proficiency and feelings towards the second language rather negative. Hence, it would have been more interesting to also interview families, which solely speak the native language at home and see how those kids react. This could be on the one hand families where the parents are not able to speak English and thus have to talk the native language to their kids. This is a great way for children to use many different learning styles to make this idea of color mixing tangible.
On the other hand, it could be an approach by the parents to implement the second language in the daily life without strict rules and see how it goes.
To assess the effectiveness of this area on language development would be through observations.
Going back to Tuominen who refers books and language school as vital tools for successful bilingualism.
Things like peg boards, sorting objects like counting bears, puzzles, scales, Legos, and pattern making cards are some things that will help children develop language skills in math. The use of songs, such as lullabies, poems or sayings is more related to positive experiences as books and schools. Skills that children can build on are one-to-one correspondence, number sense and counting, classifying, shapes, mathematical operations, time, measurements, and patterns. This center is a great place to hang the daily schedule as it gives children the chance to build on the concept of time.
This area also supports language acquisition by giving children the words to use when it pertains to math. 148) The role of the teacher here is to give children the guidance and vocabulary needed to describe and explain what they are learning. Instead of just using the same of the shape I would use descriptive language to describe the shape. First, this type of play helps develop the imagination by giving children the opportunity to think about the past and integrate it with the present and future, thus helping to increase memory capacity. This van is a moving doctor’s office that helps those without medical insurance get the treatment they need.
After that visit we noticed the children using pretend play to talk about doctors and all sorts of medical things like shots. The play went from getting bandages to shots for those children getting ready for kindergarten. I think it is important for teachers to step back and let the natural course of their play to happen without the interference of an adult.
This area encourages language acquisition by allowing the children to express themselves in a stress-free setting. This area contains shelves for books that are at the children’s level allowing the cover of the book to face outward. There are also different types of furniture for the children to sit on depending on their preference. After hearing their teacher read to them, that book is then placed in the library so children can interact with the book in their own way.
To asses this area a tool that I use on a daily basis is the California Department of Education Desired Results Developmental Profile, or DRDP. By seeing where currently child is so we can work on ways to improve their current level of comprehension is this area.

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