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November 1, 2013In the article Bone Tumors - Differential diagnosis we discussed a systematic approach to the differential diagnosis of bone tumors and tumor-like lesions.
The differential diagnosis mostly depends on the age of the patient and the findings on the conventional radiographs. In this article we will discuss the differential diagnosis of sclerotic bone tumors and tumor-like lesions in more detail. In the table the most common sclerotic bone tumors and tumor-like lesions in different age-groups are presented. Fibrous dysplasia and eosinophilic granuloma more commonly present as osteolytic lesions, but they can be sclerotic. Notice that many benign osteolytic lesions that are frequently seen in younger age groups may heal and appear as sclerotic lesions in the middle aged group. Another approach to the differential diagnosis of sclerotic bone lesions is to use the mnemonic I VINDICATE, which means 'I clear myself from accusation'. The mnemonic I VINDICATE is a commonly used mnemonic for the differential diagnostis of any radiological lesion. Typical presentation: central lesion in metaphysis or diaphysis with a well defined serpentiginous border.
Causes: corticosteroid use, sickle cell disease, trauma, Gaucher's disease, renal transplantation. If the osteonecrosis is located in the epiphysis, the term avascular osteonecrosis is used. The radiograph shows typical bone infarcts in diaphysis and metaphysis of femur and tibia.. On MR imaging bone infarcts are characterized by irregulair serpentiginous margins with low signal intensity on both T1 and T2 WI and with intermediate to high fat signal in the center part.
At the periphery of the infarct a zone of relative high signal intensity on T2WI may be found. Differentiating a bone infarct from an enchondroma or low-grade chondrosarcoma on plain films can be difficult or even impossible. Cartilaginous tumors in particular chondrosarcoma may show endosteal scalloping, while a bone infarct does not. Benign lesion consisting of well-differentiated mature bone tissue within the medullary cavity. Typical presentation: well-defined osteolytic lesion in tarsal bone, patella or epiphysis of a long bone in a 20-year old with pain and swelling in a joint. Radiological hallmark: formation of a chondroid (cartilagenous) matrix, which presents as punctuated, stippled or popcorn-like calcifications.
The chondroid matrix is of a variable amount from almost absent to dens compact chondroid matrix. Disappearane of calcifications in a pre-existing enchondroma should raise the suspicion of malignant transformation.
There were other features that favored the diagnosis of a low-grade chondrosarcoma like a positive bone scan and endosteal scalloping of the cortical bone on an MRI (not shown). Here a 44-year old male with a mixed lytic and sclerotic mass arising from the fifth metacarpal bone.
T2-weighted axial MR image demonstrates high signal intensity of the tumor in the metacarpal bone with extension of a lobulated soft tissue mass. Because of the large dimensions with soft tissue extension on plain radiograph and axial T2-weighted MR image, a high grade chondrosarcoma was suspected.
The sclerotic lesion in the humeral head could very well be a benign enchondroma based on the imaging findings. Symptoms are usually absent, however, in adult patients with a chondroid lesion in a long bone, particularly of larger size, always consider low-grade chondrosarcoma.
Plain radiograph and coronal T1-weighted contrast-enhanced fat-suppressed MR image of a mixed lytic and sclerotic lesion of the distal femoral diaphysis. The homogeneous enhancement in the upper part with edema and cortical thickening are not typical for a low-grade chondrosarcoma. Development in centrally located osteochondromas like the pelvis, hip and shoulder is most common. Consider peripheral chondrosaroma in growing osteochondromas with or without pain after closure of the physeal plate.
Consider progression of osteohondroma to chondrosarcoma when cartilage cap measures > 10 mm. A juxtacortical chondrosarcoma has be considered in the differential diagnosis when a mineralized lesion adjacent to the cortical bone is seen. Here a partially calcified mass against the proximal humerus with involvement of the cortical bone on an axial CT image.
A periosteal chondroma may have the same imaging characteristics, however, these are almost always much smaller. Plain radiograph in another patient shows irreglar mineralized lesion with elevation of the periosteum and cortical involvement. Enchondroma is a fairly common benign cartilaginaous lesion which may present as an entirely lytic lesion without any calcification, as a dense calcified lesion or as a mixed leson with osteolysis and calcifications.
Enchondromas aswell as low-grade chondrosarcomas are frequently encountered as coincidental findings in patients who have a MRI or bone scan for other reasons. In the active phase there is multilaminar periosteal reaction and bone and soft tissue edema.

Eosinophilic granuloma like osteomyelitis, can be a serious mimicker of malignancy (particularly Ewing sarcoma). Should be included in the differential diagnosis of young patient with multiple lucent lesions (Langerhans cell histiocytosis).
If the patient had fever and a proper clinical setting, osteomyelitis would be in the differential diagnosis. Adamantinoma in case of a sclerotic lesion with several lucencies of the tibia in a young patient.
The signal intensity on MR depends on the amount of calcifications and ossifications and fibrous tissue (low SI) and cystic components (high SI on T2). Melorrheostosis is a dysplasia of the bone, characterized by apposition of mature bone on the outer or inner surface of cortical bone. Axial T1-weighted MR image shows homogeneous low signal intensity due to the compact bone apposition.
Sclerotic osteoblastic metastases must be included in the differential diagnosis of any sclerotic bone lesion in a patient > 40 years. Most commonly originate from prostate and breast cancer and less frequently from lung cancer, lymphoma or carcinoid. In breast cancer, metastases may present as lytic lesions that may become sclerotic expressing a favourable response to chemotherapy. There is a metastasis, which presents as a subtle sclerotic lesion in the humerus metaphysis.
This could be an osteoblastic metastasis or an osteolytic metastasis that responded to chemotherapy. Here a radiograph of the pelvis with a barely visible osteoblastic metastasis in the left iliac bone (blue arrow).
Non-ossifying fibroma (NOF) can be encoutered occasionally as a partial or completely sclerotic lesion.
Typically a NOF presents as an eccentric well-defined lytic lesion, usually found as a coincidental finding. Other benign lesions, like solitary bone cyst, fibrous dysplasia, chondroblastoma and other benign bone tumors may become inert and may also become sclerotic.
The image on the right is of a different patient who has an old NOF that shows complete fill in. Growth of the osteochondroma takes place in the cap, corresponding with normal enchondral growth at the growth plates. Accordingly, growth of osteochondromas is allowed until a patient reaches adulthood and the physeal plates are closed.
Growth of osteochondromas at adult ages, which is characterized by a thick cartilaginous cap (high SI on T2WI) should raise the suspicion of progression to a peripheral chondrosarcoma. Here a patient with a broad-based osteochondroma with extension of the cortical bone into the stalk of the lesion. Surrounded by a prominent zone of reactive sclerosis due to a periosteal and endosteal reaction, which may obscure the central nidus. There is reactive sclerosis with a nidus that is barely visible on the radiograph (blue arrow), but clearly visible on the CT (red arrows).
CT scan is usually very helpful in detecting the nidus and differentiating osteoid osteoma from other sclerotic lesions like osteoblastoma, osteomyelitis, arthritis, stress fracture and enostosis. In most cases of osteoid osteoma the radiographic appearance is determined by the reactive sclerosis. It is most commonly located in the outer table of the neurocranium or in a paranasal sinus. Osteomyelitis is a mimicker of various benign and malignant bone tumors and reactive processes that may be accompanied by reactive sclerosis.
Sometimes a more solid periosteal reaction is present combined with cortical thickening and broadening of the bone. Plain films typically reveal lesions with moth-eaten or permeative pattern of the transition zone with irregular cortical destruction and an interrupted periosteal reaction with soft tissue extension. A periosteal reaction known as Codman's triangle appears as tumor elevates periosteum from underlying bone.
The sagittal T1WI and Gd-enhanced T1W-image with fatsat show a large tumor mass infiltrating a large portion of the distal femur and extending through the cortex into the soft tissues.
It grows primarily into the surrounding soft tissues, but may also infiltrate into the bone marrow. It is nost commonly located on the posterior side of the distal meta-diaphysis of the femur. Ossification in parosteal osteosaroma is usually more mature in the center than at the periphery. Paget disease is a chronic disorder of unknown origin with increased breakdown of bone and formation of disorganized new bone. In this case we see the pathognomonic triad of bone expansion, cortical thickening and trabecular bone thickening in the mixed lytic and sclerotic phase of Paget's disease of right hemipelvis.
Notice that the mineralization is predominantly in the periphery of the mass and that there is a lucent zone between the mass and the cortical bone. Contrast-enhanced T1-weighted MR image demonstrates heterogeneous enhancement of the mass with extensive surrounding edema. Stress fractures occur in normal (fatigue fractures) or metabolically weakened (insufficiency fractures) bones. Uncommonly it can be difficult to differentiate a stress fracture from a pathologic fracture, that occurs at the site of a bone tumor.
Uncommonly it can be difficult to differentiate a stress fracture from a bone tumor like an osteoid osteoma or from a pathologic fracture, that occurs at the site of a bone tumor.
Notice the resemblance to a juxtacortical mass in another patient (right), which was a biopsy proven parosteal osteosarcoma. This shows that differentiating a tumor from a reactive proces scan be quite difficult in some cases.

When a reactive process is more likely based on history and imaging features, follow-up is sometimes still needed.
Subungual exostoses are bony projections which arise from the dorsal surface of the distal phalanx, most commonly of the hallux. Here two patients with a bizar parosteal osteochondromatous proliferation (BPOP), also called Nora's lesion. This benign reactive process is most commonly found adjacent to the cortex of phalanges of hands or feet (75%).
Distinction of Long Bone Stress Fractures from Pathologic Fractures on Cross-Sectional Imaging: How Successful Are We? Our body is filled with countless sweat glands and it is because of this sweat there is bad smell in our feet. Bacteria grow rapidly on moist areas and hence the area of moisture gives room for large number of bacteria in your feet. It is easy to get rid of smelly feet, provided you take little care and change your daily routine. And give some time to dry the feet completely and do not hasten to wear your shoes on the wet feet. You can apply foot powder in the shoes which can facilitate absorption of moisture, thus reducing odor.
You can walk barefoot inside home, so that there would be less moisture and no bacterial growth on your feet. There are hundreds of simple home remedies for treating smelly feet, and in case you don’t get good response, you can visit your doctor. Our institute places the highest emphasis on personal growth and considers the family as a member of the treatment team.
It’s a choux pastry, think round eclair, shaped like a bicycle wheel with toasted almonds and filled with a decadent praline butter cream. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. His earliest attempts at cookery began with the filleting of his sister’s goldfish at age two and braising his pet rabbit at age seven.
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Cortical soft tissue extension may produce radiating spicules of bone called sunray appearance.
This is opposed to myositis ossificans which may present very close to the cortical bone, but maturation develops from the center to the periphery. You have over 250,000 sweat glands in your body and believe it or not, your foot is the part that sweats the most in your entire body.
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