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But, there are some things you can do that may make it easier on you if you really want to.
The downside is that you may annoy her, and she may not be very receptive to talking to you.
The chances are good that if she is a good woman worth getting, she will not be attracted to you at this point.
It is much easier to put up your defenses and be an ass than it is to put yourself out there for rejection. Seriously, you will have a much easier time approaching women if you do it ready to argue, put her down, or make her feel like she isn’t important. The other 5% are the women you don’t want in your life like victims and the neediest of the needy.
Approaching a woman with lines that you read in the latest pick-up book may be easier than trying to think of something to say yourself, but you run a lot of risk when doing this.
Instead, she will feel like you are talking to her friend because you are interested in her. You may get the number in this case – if she can look past the fact that you seemed to be flirting with her friend. You can add a link to follow you on twitter if you put your username in this box.Only needs to be added once (unless you change your username). There are always statistics floating around about how many people start a relationship at work.
And if you are interested in long-term romance, then this article says that couples who meet at work are more likely to get married.

I met my husband at work, and I think the way he approached me was pretty typical of how you should do it without looking like a creep or desperate. Other people may suggest something different – but remember, we met at work over 15 years ago and we are still together and happy. After that I was always wondering where he was, what he was doing, and whether he would come talk to me again. It’s funny you posted this because I was sort of wondering about that question the other day.
Yeah, when there are tons of guys walking around in an environment where relationships are not your first priority, getting in her mind helps a lot. And, approaching a woman you like will always be a little scary, even if you are a pro at it. Get your friend to approach a woman that you really like and let her know that you are interested. You look wimpy, scared, and not able to take action on the things you want without your friends help.
Women have a sense of whether or not you are confident in what you are saying, and if you are using a cheesy line that has a lot of power behind the words, but you are not matching that power, then all she will see is a wannabe in front of her – not a man she is interested in. Even if you start to talk to her and show interest, she will feel like you and her friend have something going on, and that will put a huge dent in her trust of you and your intentions. You want her thinking that she is the hottest woman there to you, not wondering if she was your second choice.
But you will have to work much harder to show her that she is the one you were interested in.

Plus, receive a free eBook titled '69 Tips To Help You Get Laid: A Guide For Men In Relationships Who Want More Sex'. Instead of her just being focused on work and the annoying co-workers she works with, she will also think about you – the guy that came up to her and talked to her like a normal human being. They will keep you in her mind as she goes through her workday and even as she goes about her life. If you wait too long, she will think you were just keeping yourself occupied during that one break and it was meaningless. But at the same time, when we had to go back to work, I found myself thinking about him in a good way. When she believes that, she could protect herself from getting hurt (because she likes you more than you like her) by taking you off the potential date list, and you may lose a chance to win a date with her if she really sees you as a threat to her emotions. There is no set time to ask her out after this point – it should be done when it feels right to you. Work is an easy way to meet a woman who has some of the same interests you do, and it offers a great way to see the woman you like every day.

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