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It was 3 years ago, in March 2008, that I started drawing The Mental Health Humor cartoons. I always joke with David Granirer, Founder, Stand Up For Mental Health, that when I first started out I e-mailed him to get his approval for my cartoons. I know your very busy, but from what i have seen when it comes to Mental Health Humor, your the guy!  The DBSA has put their support behind you so I to value your thoughts on matter of humor and mental health. Last updated: 22 Apr 2011Views expressed are those solely of the writer and have not been reviewed.
Hot Topics Today12 Signs You Are Falling Out of Love with Your Partner Techniques for Coping with Narcissists (Pt 1) Is It Stress Or An Anxiety Attack? This is the first of 3 Mental Health Humor Cartoons ever drawn by me Chato Stewart.  One thing I admire about my peers with OCD: they always get things done! Based upon your responses to this screening measure, you are most likely suffering from an obsessive-compulsive disorder. Last updated: 16 Oct 2013Views expressed are those solely of the writer and have not been reviewed. In a way, it feels like I just found out I was pregnant, and on the other hand, it feels like I’ve been pregnant for a year. If this pregnancy were a mountain, we’re almost to the peak, and then gravity will help us pick up speed as we start down the other side, whether we want to or not.
Matt and I were talking about next spring and summer the other day, and I often forget when I’m picturing next year that our lives will look very different.
When we were finished, I posted a photo of our carved pumpkins with the two littles ones on social media with a comment about us as a family of four.
It never occurred to me that people would think that was an announcement of us having twins!
No, we just consider our dog to be our first baby, so we’re going from a family of 3 to 4 in our minds. And as far as my previous ultrasounds have shown, there is only one Baby Radniecki coming in March. In less than two weeks, we will go in for our 20 week Anatomy Scan ultrasound, and we will hopefully be able to find out the gender of baby Radniecki. I talked about these worries and fears with my therapist this week and we agreed that it’s normal to have some worry about this scan and about the unknown and potential for problems. As this appointment approaches, I’m praying for peace and trusting that God already knows everything about this baby. He’ll be at the appointment with us. Of course, I’ve heard a lot of stories lately about people who were told one thing and then found out when their baby was born that the scan had been wrong. When my sister was up visiting a few weeks ago, we went to Target and spent an hour in the baby aisles.
She had her first baby [my first ever niece] a year and a half ago, and so she walked through the aisles with me and pointed out what she used and found helpful. It’s exciting and crazy to be walking through those aisles, thinking “pretty soon, this stuff will be in our house!” Soon, our guest room will be a nursery, and along with Remy’s toys, our living room with have baby toys in it too! The books also say that a lot of times, women will feel movement but mistake it for gas or regular digestion.
I don’t know when I’ll be able to concretely say that without a doubt, that was baby moving.
I’ve been praying that God helps me distinguish baby’s movement for sure sometime soon. All of these little things make it more real that yes, there’s actually a baby growing in there! My belly is continuing to get bigger daily [duh], and it’s often surprising to look at my profile in the mirror.
I know I’ll laugh at that statement in a few months when I really am huge and it makes this stage’s bump look like I ate a big cheeseburger.

Matt and I went on a leaf drive a week or two ago when the leaves were in full peak color, and he snapped a few photos of me before we left. You can tell I’m a novice at these bump photos; I didn’t pick very good colors to highlight the bump, and I haven’t perfected the pregnancy pose yet. I think the important part is having a few photos of my growing belly because it’ll be fun for baby to see them when they get older. I’m still having a lot of the same symptoms as I have been; dealing with lingering nausea and feeling generally less than top notch, as well as frequent headaches. I thought things maybe were getting a little better at the beginning of this week, but the last two days have been a little worse again.
I’m continually thankful for my work-from-home job, and I have enormous respect for the pregnant mamas who don’t work from home, and have to dress up, wear high heels, and can’t plant themselves on the couch of they’re not feeling the best. I’m also having a little bit of a hard time adjusting to the new rule that I shouldn’t be laying flat on my back anymore. When I read on the couch, I often lay flat on my back with my head propped up with pillows, but the books say I should start tilting to one side or laying fully on my side. I’m trying to prevent that because I know about the pressure on the blood vessels etc, but changing habits is tough!
I have started to have some crazy pregnancy dreams recently too, which I have heard are common. Last night, I had a dream that our baby was born, and it turned out she was a girl, but she had a full beard! Until then, I’ll be adjusting to new sleeping and relaxing positions, taking it easy and looking for pants that can accommodate this growing bump!
My mission is to help people live on purpose so they can cultivate a mindful and joy-filled life.
I'm a wife to my high school sweetheart, Matt, dog mama to our feisty toy poodle, Remy and mama to our firstborn son Raleigh. We have wild dreams of traveling the country in an RV and being the youngest Snow Birds in Minnesota history! Download your FREE 70 page copy of the Photography SECRETS e-book to learn how to take better photos in 5 easy steps, no matter what camera you have! Here you have a list of opinions about psychodynamic psychotherapy and you can also give us your opinion about it. You will see other people's opinions about psychodynamic psychotherapy and you will find out what the others say about it.
In the image below, you can see a graph with the evolution of the times that people look for psychodynamic psychotherapy.
Thanks to this graph, we can see the interest psychodynamic psychotherapy has and the evolution of its popularity. You can leave your opinion about psychodynamic psychotherapy here as well as read the comments and opinions from other people about the topic.
We have been promising it for months, and we’re very excited to announce that we have now booked a two-day event in Cambridge, for Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th February 2016. At the two-day event in Cambridge, Rob Kelly will guide you through the Thrive Programme from start-to-finish, with opportunities for questions, discussion and some group-based activities. You will need a copy of  The Thrive Programme manual, which you can order direct from here. At the end of the weekend you will leave feeling invigorated and confident that life will not get the better of you; more to the point,  you will get know how to get the best out of life.
This exciting workshop will give you a complete overview of how to really Thrive in life, with an opportunity to have your questions answered by Rob Kelly. In 2015 we organised a number of  Thrive seminars nationwide and the feedback from these was overwhelmingly positive, with 100% of respondents claiming they would recommend the event to a friend.
Bring your copy of ‘Thrive’ (available here): to gain maximum benefit from the training day, you need to have studied the book beforehand.

I know time will speed up as the holidays approach and our days as a family of 3 [Matt, Remy and I] are numbered. When we are talking about the different things we’ll do or places we want to go, I forget that we’ll be bringing a baby along! They told me the ultrasound is an hour and then I’ll have a visit with my doctor to go over preliminary results after that.
This will be the opportunity for an in depth look at baby, and for any issues to be noticed.
I’m trying to not think about the chance of that happening, because I’m not sure how my anti-surprise, slow-to-adapt-to-change self would react to thinking we were having a girl for 20 weeks only to find out it was a boy, or vice versa! I scribbled notes on a notepad and took photos of the products to use as a reference when Matt and I make our baby registry sometime next month. I have talked to lots of people that weren’t able to tell for sure until later on, when they could actually see baby kicking their stomach and moving it so much you could see it from the outside. I am excited for the times when I know without a doubt that what I feel is baby, and not possible air bubbles. Plus, I can’t look down at my bump or the camera picks up a super flattering view of my double chin… But I’m learning. I sometimes throw pity parties but overall, I am maybe getting a little tougher, or just getting used to not feeling fantastic. However, I haven’t gotten up before 8:30am in 4-6 weeks… But during the day, I haven’t been all that tired.
I know I don’t sleep that way the majority of the night [I used to be a stomach sleeper but I’m trying to be a side-sleeper with the help of a pillow between my legs now], but I guess my body goes that way when I do the early morning doze-wake-doze once Matt gets up to go to work. I was distraught in the dream, crying, and decided to contact my doctor to ask about electrolysis.
No part of the text of this blog can be copied and reposted elsewhere unless you have prior written consent from me.
And below it, you can see how many pieces of news have been created about psychodynamic psychotherapy in the last years. In less than 3 weeks we will be running an intensive two day Thrive Bootcamp hosted by Rob Kelly, in Cambridge. Our intention is to teach you all you need to know to understand  The Thrive Programme, so you can leave knowing how to apply it straight away. You will leave ready to face life with optimism, enthuasiasm and hope, feeling keen to embrace change. Rob’s engaging, enthusiastic (and sometimes irreverent) approach will leave you feeling empowered and capable, with an in-depth understanding of how you can learn to change. It is not essential to have completed all the exercises, actions and quizzes prior to the training day.
This is ideal for anyone who has (or has not) read the book at home, or has been held back in life for whatever reason. The day will include lectures, interactive questionnaires and insider knowledge on how to get maximum benefit from The Thrive Programme. Ads, affiliate links and sponsored posts are used throughout this site and are what make the time required to write and maintain this blog possible, and keep the content free for you! Whether or not you have had treatment or psychological interventions before (perhaps CBT, psychotherapy, NLP, hypnotherapy or counselling), come along and learn how to thrive.

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