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Rockin’ B Clothing Brings the Retro-Western Heat The perfectly tailored and vintage inspired brand, Rockin' B Clothing, is what rhinestone cowgirl dreams are made of. Tack Trends: Comfort Trail Saddles Trail rides that go on for hours- or even days- inspired this tack feature on comfort trail saddles and saddle pads.
Rodeo wives, girlfriends and moms alike, are known to have a literal bag of tricks hanging off their arm. Jewel of the West: Turquoise Jewelry Turquoise, silver, and the tribal motifs honor the strength and spirit of Mother Earth.
Princess Nico shows you the right way to approach women, see the girl dangling their converse in the park? As we approach tonight’s season 3 opener, we wondered what it would be like if Blair actually attended NYU Traffic download.
We all know that Blair hates the subway, and despite the fact that there are tons of cute bikes to choose from at places like The Hub Station, I can’t see her wanting to ruin her perfect satin outfits and headbanded hair on something as unladylike as a bike.
Always playing it close to the cuff, Blair’s UES cronies would continue to comprise the majority of her social circle. That means you need to automatically make yourself subservient to this college girls whim, and if your enough of a sweat worshiping piggy she might let you into her luxury apartment to serve her five year old converse shoes, and inhale the heavenly aroma of her college girl campus worn smelly stinky socks. This season’s Gossip Girl, which premieres tonight, is sure to be both a tongue-in-cheek homage to and indictment of our lovely university. Similarly, Tisch is way too artsy, and studio 9am-5pm on Fridays would not sit well with her.
Almost everyone said that Blair would be in Gallatin, which shocked me because it was the first one I immediately wrote off. Luckily SoHo can sate her WASP-meets-classy-sex-kitten style almost as well as the UES can, with stores like Intermix and Bloomingdale’s.

After fucking up her chances of getting into Yale (after a series of so many mishaps I can no longer even recall them), mean queen Blair Waldorf will be attending NYU, which was probably her last choice after Brown (Ew, hippies). That places her in the run-of-the-mill CAS, where she can pursue a career in something like Art History, or even Stern as a Marketing major, so that she could help her mother build her brand as a fashion designer.
She’ll probably continue to order her headbands custom-made from some chic online boutique, though. Waldorf would never subject herself to living with the smelly (soon-to-be) hipster masses at NYU. I’m sure there are some evil business geniuses at Stern who would also be willing to help her draw up a foolproof plan for UES social circle domination. But Blair’s enemies would undoubtedly be the industry-born hipsters who come reeking of California sunshine, weed and glassy mansions from the golden bed of Hollywood. How to Rebuild a Friendship After Hurt Feelings Life can often feel like walking into a pricker bush with bare feet.
Waldorfs are old money and simply do not fraternize with the likes of bigwig producers’ children.
It's easy enough to decode the meaning of this greeting so that you can reply appropriately. When this happens, it is often best to address the person who hurt your feelings directly so that you can move on without significant damage to your relationship. However, instead of saying something sappy to you like, “Hey, why haven’t I heard from you? A good way to reply to this greeting is to acknowledge that you haven’t seen her in awhile and that you would like to talk soon.
Instead of telling your friend that you feel badly because he acted like a jerk, tell him that you feel badly because you felt excluded when he didn't introduce you to his friend.

Being specific about what's bothering you gives the other person an opportunity to fix the problem or correct any misunderstandings that might have occurred. She has numerous publications in scholarly journals and often writes for relationship websites as well. When you say "I felt embarrassed when you made fun of my accent," you're addressing your feelings before the behavior, which will help prevent your friend from becoming immediately defensive.
Avoid statements like "You were cruel to make fun of my accent." If you use words like these, your friend will focus on convincing you that she's not cruel, rather than on paying attention to your feelings.
Fun Ideas to Cheer Up a Friend How to Get a Guy to Notice You When You Have a Flirty Best Friend Editor's Picks How to Start Conversations With Potential Friends Tips for Forgiving Your Best Friend Can You Reply to a Question You Were Asked on Tumblr? Letting him know that you felt sad when he spent lunch talking to his other friends instead of you will help clear the air today. For example, letting your ex-girlfriend know that you're devastated because she's dating better looking than you won't solve any problems and may add to your angst. In her book "Opening Up: The Healing Power of Expressing Emotions," social psychologist James Pennebaker discusses the use of journaling to heal emotional wounds and move on in life.
Writing your feelings down on a blank piece of paper may be the best thing to do in some cases.
Holding a master's degree in curriculum and Instruction, she has written training materials for three school districts. How to Get Over the Fact That My Boyfriend Cheated How to Show Sympathy When Someone Gets Hurt Editor's Picks What Happens When You Hurt a Man's Ego?

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