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This website uses cookies which track activity so that you get the best possible experience. Campbell House in Coniston is a purpose-built development managed on the residents’ behalf by Anchor. Should you decide to sell your property in the future we can help by providing information required by solicitors and dealing with any complex enquiries. If you are over 55 years old and wanting to own a retirement property without the burden of maintenance and repairs, Anchor-managed properties may be the answer. At each estate there will be an estate manager who can act as the first point of contact for any queries that residents may have and offer help to access any local services.

In addition to each individual private property, all Anchor estates offer some shared facilities, available for the use and enjoyment of all the residents, and managed and maintained by Anchor.
The estate manager is available to discuss financial issues related to the running of the estate. Our retirement properties have a real community feel where people interact with their neighbours, families and friends, continuing to do all the things they love. Many of our leasehold housing developments organise a wide range of activities and events tailored to the interests of the people living in them. Every estate will have either a resident or visiting manager who provides help, advice and co-ordinates any services provided.

The costs for these services, carried out by our professional staff, are included in the monthly service charge.
They cover the costs associated with the upkeep of the estate, including insurance of the building and maintenance of communal areas.
Actual expenditure is monitored against the annual budget throughout the year and service charges are reviewed annually.

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