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Thank you, Steve, for your professionalism, skill, and frankness during my introduction to coaching call. You did a great job with her, as she seemed immediately much more positive than I've heard her for the last 6 years! Thanks again for taking the time to talk to me yesterday, it really helped with the inteview that I had today. I was shaking when I hung up, then cried, then became even more determined as you nailed that which is in my way .

The brief 30 minutes we spent on the phone together helped me grasp some concepts on motivation that I feel that would really make a difference in my life.
The rules have changed and as Ryan puts it “Blogging is Broken” To survive today you can’t be a Blogger BUT you CAN be an Authority!! I think that it was the realization that I was finally getting professional coaching which meant that I will accomplish my goals and learn so much in the process.
I am sure now that I understand what has been keeping me from moving forward, I will indeed move forward now.

Good news is being a recognized authority in your niche gets a type of respect that translates into sales, more subscribers, and a better bottom line (up to 8 times more profitable than the current style of blogging being taught by others). I expect the Robbins Research organization to deliver first class customer service but you made me feel that you took it to the next level.

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