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We Try: Globber My FREE 5-IN-1It's more than just a scooter - it's a scooter that grows with your child! Take a look at the happiest, most successful people on this planet: they are all doing something they love, creating something they believe in, living a life of purpose and passion. While you don’t need to do every step below, they are all ways for your to spend time thinking about your passion in life, your dreams, and how to accomplish them.
43 Things: A great way to see what goals others have, to list your own goals, to talk to others about common goals, to get ideas and inspiration. Houseplants are an attractive way to brighten your home, but if you own pet birds then you will want to make sure that any plants that you bring in are safe for your feathered friends. Jade Plants (also known as Money Plants) are a succulent variety that is safe for birds and adds a unique touch to any room. If you like colorful flowers, then you're in luck -- Impatiens come in virtually every color of the rainbow and are completely safe for birds. Not only are Aloe Vera plants safe and non-toxic, they actually have medicinal qualities that can help both birds and people. The appropriately named Hen and Chicks plants are a bird-safe succulent that thrives in direct sunlight.
Known for their beautiful blossoms, Orchids have enjoyed great popularity as houseplants for some time.
While roses aren't normally grown indoors, they are popular in indoor cut flower arrangements. When you feel like you can get anything you want because you’re using a credit card, it is easy to overspend. But discovering that dream job and what you are meant to do in life isn’t always so easy. What follows is a list of suggestions that will help you discover your dream, and start on the road to living that dream. If you spend time thinking about your dreams, you are taking the first step towards making them a reality.
Think back throughout all the previous times of your life, from childhood through adolescence, school, different jobs, different areas, different hobbies.
A site where you write down your dream, and it will send it to you at some point in the future. Now that you’ve given various factors some thought, and tried some online tools, make a short list of your top 5 passions.

Of the top 2-3 passions on your short list, can any of them be turned into your life’s work? While you’re taking your steps to realizing your dream, practice your passion as much as possible. A great way to keep yourself focused is to use Guy Kawasaki’s idea of creating a mantra instead of a mission statement. Imagine that you cannot fail, that you may slip up and fall, but that you will get up and learn from that fall.
They have written for the LA Times, The Washington Post, President Bill Clinton's White House, Forbes, and more. Read on for a list of 10 common houseplants that are both beautiful and safe for parrots and other birds. Don't be afraid to add some color to your living space with a basket of these easy to grow beauties. As a bonus, there's no need to worry if your pet parrot finds them as beautiful as you do -- they're completely non-toxic to birds! Throw in the fact that they are a snap to take care of and it's easy to see why Aloe has been a popular houseplant for many years.
Bamboo can be incorporated into many beautiful arrangements to give any space a safe and attractive touch of nature. If you'd like to enjoy one of these unique little plants, make sure you have a nice sunny window to set them in! Non-toxic and safe for birds, they are a good choice for bird owners who are experienced in keeping plants -- these flowers are notoriously hard to grow!
The good news for bird owners is that roses are safe for birds as long as they haven't been treated with chemical sprays.
This is a common problem, and many people wander through much of their life without discovering their passion, and go from job to job, unfulfilled and miserable.
That could be collecting comic books, reading about history, programming Linux utilities, writing on your blog, writing poetry, cooking, whatever. There is much truth in that statement, and an important part of this process is discovering your gift. If you love working with computers (even a specific type of computer), that’s a clue to your dream job. Think about the happiest times of your life, and what you were doing, who you were doing it with, and where you were doing it.

Brainstorm a bunch of ideas for getting there, a bunch of actions you can take to move yourself closer to your destination. Check out some books from the library, do some web surfing, talk to others who are knowledgeable.
Practice, of course, makes perfect … and you want to be as good at what you want to do as humanly possible. That means you need to put any other goals on the back burner for now, and have only one purpose in your life. African Violets are known to flower several times a year, so add one of these little jewels to your collection for an enduring splash of color. If you love having fresh cut flowers in your home, try growing some of your own roses to make arrangements with.
Your child won’t stop begging for a toy at the checkout counter, so you give in and buy it. In this step, you can name specific people you love working with, or types of people (creative types, programmers, entrepreneurs, blue collar, etc.). Later, you can focus on other goals, but if you have multiple goals, you will become distracted and lose purpose.
It also helps if you know where the items you’re looking for are located in the store. To avoid the voices of other’s in your ears, shop by yourself so that you can buy only what you and your family needs. If you like working with a hammer, or a piano, you’re off to a great start in discovering your dream. Even if you don’t have a complete roadmap, having a clearly defined destination, and taking the first step, are enough to get you started. Set aside time either in the morning, or in the evening, or some time when you know you will do it every day. What have you shown an aptitude for in your current and previous jobs, in school, in your personal life?
Once you’ve defined your mantra, print it out, post it up, and say it several times a day.

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