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Blog for single women who want to read, discuss and laugh about the circumstances that occur while waiting for Mr. Men say they think intelligence is sexy but I've never been asked to send a picture of my brain.
If you're interested in the rules of sharing your body parts using electronic devices click the link below. Kik users can use the Invite a Friend option to invite new people to connect with them on Kik. Kik users can also manually search for someone’s Kik username and start a conversation that way, or they can dig into their phone’s contact list to see who’s already on Kik. Though Kik makes it easy to block other Kik users and ignore message notifications from new people, they offer zero parental controls, leaving it up to the child or teen to set these privacy settings on their own. The reason I wrote this piece wasn’t to bash Kik or to tell you that it’s an unsafe app for your child or teen; whether you feel it’s safe enough is entirely up to you and the maturity level of your child.
The Internet will never be a totally “safe place” for our children, so we as parents have to remain vigilant and educated in order to take what we learn and pass it on to our kids.
Your child called you a dumbass cunt, and you are “considering” taking it away?
Maybe you need to start being a REAL parent and stop blaming society and the creators of this great app to raise your child. Also, maybe you should stop letting your kids conform and do what the rest of the kids are doing.
There are even awareness campaigns and "how to" rules being developed to help people stay "correct" when sending nudie pictures. I remember one young lady hit the wrong button and uploaded a picture of herself with a penis in her mouth on Facebook.
But as a result of that concern, I believe there’s also a heightened sense of awareness among parents.
The app is available for free on all mobile platforms, and is well-received by the millions of people, mainly because it can replace a texting plan through their cell provider. This can be done in several ways, but the method that poses the greatest risk to your child’s privacy and safety is the ability to invite people via social networks.

Of course, the latter is a much safer approach to connecting with people on Kik since these people are already known to the user in some form or another. As you can imagine, doing this opens the door to unwanted solicitations from Internet trolls, “pervs” and cyberbullies. But just like with any app or website that isn’t specifically created for children (and thus COPPA compliant), the safety and privacy risks tend to be more prevalent. Just like television, Kik should never be a primary babysitter for your kids without proper supervision. This free message system is just a additional way for sick pataphils get to our kids, stalkers that can not be found without a trace! I get emails from parents every day, asking how to prevent their child from downloading certain apps, and what’s the best way to monitor what their child is doing on their smartphone. Through their data plan or Wi-Fi connection, Kik users can send and receive text messages and photos to an individual on their Kik contact list, or they can start a group chat with several Kik contacts. With the click of a button, your child can reach out to the public communities on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and Tumblr (among many others) with the message “Kik me”.
In Michael’s case, his daughter’s friend received a request to chat on Kik via Instagram and the next thing she knew she was being asked to send naked photos of herself. I have been around many places online that are occupied by young teens and adults alike, and there are always, ALWAYS sex predators lurking around out there, and in most cases, there are a lot more of them than we care to think. My daughter was approached by a man sent the most innapproprite picture you could send to a teen girl.
When you have kids, they should be taught right, so that if anyone contacted them sexually, all they would have to do is block them.
Sexting continues to be an underlying concern in all of these conversations — probably because kids and teens use their smartphones to text more than anything else, and according to kids in the UK, sexting is just the new way to flirt.
No surprise here, “Kik me” is Kik’s way of starting a new instant message conversation between the sender and the recipient, whoever they may be. If your 13 or older teen prefers to use Kik instead of texting, and you’re saving some money in the process, you don’t need to delete the app from their phone, just have a very serious conversation with them about the safety risks involved with sharing their Kik username in public social networks and forums. Teach your kids to ONLY accept Kik contacts with people they know, and make sure they understand to instantly block people they don’t know.

Also I would like to point out that you are posting a comment out to the public that other people can see so I wouldn’t insult social media becuase they are not that different.
But what a lot of parents aren’t aware of is the fact that their child doesn’t need to be on a texting plan in order to text.
This username can be accompanied by a profile photo, if the user wishes, but ultimately this is Kik’s way of creating a sense of privacy among their users.
Teaching kids the proper precautions to take to avoid being the target of potential predators should be included in any upbringing you can utilize with your children, and should be as mandatory as possible. The question you must ask, and actually think about is, Are you mature enough, or responsible enough to have an app that could introduce you to people all around the world that you do not know? There are plenty of third-party apps that offer texting services for free, and one that has come up in several conversations that I’ve had with parents is Kik. It’s up to the kids and young teens to utilize proper judgement and responsibility when using these devices. Some reports state that children have been left feeling suicidal after nude photos went viral. Yet, instead of telling children to stop this foolishness we give them rules in which to operate within the foolishness.
The wiser our children are about online predators and where they are capable of lurking, the safer our children will be. Even if pics are taken down, or the person’s account is taken down, they just wind up on again, with a new name. What amazes me us you mothers who come on the internet talking about sex offenders when you sit there letting your little girls plaster boys posters all over their wall like that stupid justin beiber, and let them wear their t-shirts and talk about how hot they are, but then you have a problem with a guy coming on to them. How about I tell my daughter I will beat you until you have no private parts worthy of  revealing if you ever do that mess. Some things children just shouldn't do and embarrass themselves and their parents that way is one of them!

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