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Aquaman: Arthur Curry was the son of the human lighthouse keeper, Tom Curry, and his mother Atlanna, a outcast from the mythical land of Atlantis. Prince Namor: In 1915, Winston Churchill sent out Ernest Shackleton, sought out vibranium in the Arctic. Prince Namor lounges in the Throne of Atlantis, with two beautiful mermaids by his side, stroking him, much to Namor's pleasure.
The feet beneath the two begins to rumble, but Namor knows to swim away and watch from a distance. Is this the universe's way for making up for the fact that Hello Kitty is a girl and not a cat? A brilliant piece of work by an artist that confuses one to mistake this image as a half cat or mouse. The natural lines on the stones resemble human faces and this has connotations of sufferings. A careful look at this horror room will make you realise tha this is not a room but an elevator area.
A shocking illusion where water flowing down a fall, seems to have transformed into hooded human forms.
This may seem a very frightening image if seen in the dark and may also depict black magic to many. There is a magical and supernatural feeling depicted by this scary optical illusionary picture. See the mysteries of life from this scary picture that gives an abnormal feel to the face of the girl. A scary image which shows a skull in the eye pupil which can also mean evil powers at a rise. This may depict an incomplete love or a vision of a scary skull staring at you, depending on the perception. Your imagination can make this picture scary or normal and with a lot of focus this may give the look of a skull. This becomes scary as it seems that a man is riding a horse and a woman sleeping on a large face of an old man. A scary and brilliant optical illusion which shows the head of the guy on the desk and the body in the box. This shows lizards trapped near the stars and the unusual element gives a scary feel to the illusion.
An evil magician is what the first impression of this brilliantly created artistic image depicts. This image has a hypnotizing effect and the artist has done a brilliant job at creating a scary feeling.

This is an amazing artistic effect created to make a face appear in between the chipped rocks. A very scary illusion that can have a dizzy effect on the mind, this looks like a horror scene. This is a hand print that appears to be created in a way to confuse a person into seeing this as an illusion.
I just wondered how these things produced by the mind of the people behind these spectacular artworks.
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The explosion indeed increased his intelligence and strength, but it also drove him insane. Jigsaw has no super human powers, he is a talented street fighter, trained in the use of guns and has many criminal contacts.
Billy the Beaut was employed as a mob assassin for the Costa family of the Maggia, though he was also known for his stunning good looks. From his mother's genetics, Arthur discovered his impressive powers, such as his amazing swimming abilities, being able to survive underwater, and communicate with the ocean life.
He grins warmly, and relaxes in the warm waters of Atlantis, until a booming voice yells "Hault, evil being, you shall leave my rightful throne!" It is the voice of Aquman, and he does not look happy.
The mermaids flee and swim to safety, and Namor raises his hand up quickly and shoots a quick bolt of electricity towards Aquman, but he swiftly swings up his Trident of Poseidon, and the electricity bounces right off.
Then suddenly Aquaman is thrown off his feet as Giganto, The behemoth, 1,000 foot-tall anthropoid whale, rises from the ocean floor. The two opponents had very similar fighting abilities, but Aquaman's simply had the more effective weapons, and won over Namor.
Thanks to some amazing photoshop work started by Tumblr users nerdwegian, leeeeeeeeeegooooooooolaaaaaaaaas, and tatallalock, many of your favorite Marvel comic characters are getting a Hello Kitty makeover.
The scary optical illusions are usually the after images, created due to the stimulation of the vision by a specific path of movement, or brightness and even by the stimulation of extreme long patterns in the image that keep alternating. But the fact remains they bear one thing in common, they are creative plus they leave you wondering.
I’m using several of them this year as writing prompts for my 7th and 8th grade English students. Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world.
He began to use his abilities for good, and became the defender of the sea, taking the name of "Aquaman". Aquaman sends out a call for help using "The Clear" and before Namor knows it, three nearby tiger sharks have surrounded him.

But instead of trying to shock Aquaman with his electric powers, he decides to swim toward him at top speed, and as he nears, Aquaman takes out his Trident once agiain, and attempts to hit Namor, but is deflected by Namor's Wrist Gauntlets.
By every new glance you will see something new and different and you will be constantly thinking that something is wrong with the objects in the photos. In defense, Namor picks up Neptune's Trident, and thrashes and stabs the sharks with his weapon, but even as he fights off the beasts, more keep on swarming upon him. Both are the ruler's of the mystical land of Atlantis in their own worlds, but when the DC and Marvel universes collide, only one can hold the title.
Around then, he also became familiar with his common allies, such as Aqualad, an outcast Atlantian orphan, who Aquaman takes in.
He lifts the small jewel up into the air, even as he is being bitten apart by the sharks, and the scene bursts into a flash of light.
A large swipe hits Namor in the forearm, but his naturally hardened skin makes this wound only a gash, not a limb loss.
However, he also became familiar with new enemies, such as Black Manta, and he now protects the seven seas from the dangers of these enemies. McKenzie was not killed, but he did not recognize his son, when Namor set rampage to New York one day.
Seeing as he is at a shortage of weapons, Namor takes the Horn of Proteus from his belt and blows a loud, hearty noise. He grew up taunting his cousin Dorma, and playing with his other cousins, Namora and Byyrah, as well as his friend Merrano. Aquaman uses "The Clear" to communicate with Giganto, telling him Namor is his dinner for the day.
As time went on, Namor became the rightful heir to the throne of Atlantis, and now rules over the oceans, and is very distrusting of the "surface-dwellers". He places his right hand up to Namor's forehead, and dehydarates him with the powers of the Waterbearer Hand.
Namor, now officially dead, shrivels like a raisin, and Aquaman tosses Namor towards Giganto, who swallows his once-was master in one gulp, and nestles down for some rest. Aquaman too, decides he needs some rest, and swims toward the Atlantean Throne, now the rightful King.

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