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What we end up with is a semantically correct, search-engine friendly list of thumbnails that look fantastic. The audio tracks developed by the Immrama Institute use a specific type of brainwave technology to guide your brain into various states. Your brain doesn’t operate in only one brainwave state at a time but instead pulses in all these states simultaneously, with one of the states being dominant at any given time.
The Beta brainwave state is associated with a heightened state of alertness and focused concentration. Alpha brainwaves are slower in frequency than Beta brainwaves and represent a state of relaxed mental awareness or reflection. Theta brainwaves are even slower in frequency and represent a state of deep relaxation and meditation, enhanced creativity, stress relief, light sleep and dreaming.
Delta brainwaves are the slowest in frequency and represent a state of deep dreamless sleep.
With the help of our audio technology, you can guide your brain into any of these states naturally and effortlessly, simply by listening to an audio CD or MP3.

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To recognize why this detail is significant, it’s important to understand how your brain contributes to your state of mind and level of consciousness. Your brain cycles through each of these brainwave states many times throughout the day and night.
When your mind is actively engaged in mental activities, the dominant brainwave state will be Beta. Alpha brainwave states are typically associated with contemplation, visualization, problem solving and accessing deeper levels of creativity.
They have received the least attention and research, although more attention is currently being paid to them than in years past.

Because different areas of the brain may have different activity at any given time, you may have activity in one brainwave state in one area of the brain while at the same time a different brainwave state may be more active in another area of the brain. A person in active conversation, playing sports or making a presentation would be in a Beta state. Research has proven thirty minutes a day of Theta meditation can dramatically improve a person’s overall health and well-being. While Delta brainwave states usually only occur in deep sleep, it is possible to train yourself to remain awake while reaching the Delta state to experience even deeper levels of meditation and awareness. Research has indicated at moments when bursts of insight or high-level information processing occur, there are corresponding increases in brain activity in the Gamma range.

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