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Johanna Lindsey made her debut as a published author with Captive Bride, which was published in 1977.
She has sold over 60 million copies of her novels and her books have been translated into 12 languages.
Christina Wakefield is brought to the Arabian desert by its allure, where she happens upon Sheik Abu, whom she knew in England as Philip Caxton. Army soldier that was stationed in Germany, where she was born (although as an army brat, she wouldn’t stay long and moved around frequently). Christina had once rejected Philip’s proposal for marriage, but now she is his slave.

With her family bankrupt, a baron who had once sworn vengeance upon the Ascots is willing to be a benefactor, but has more on his mind than just the holiday spirit.
However, the only way Roseleen can free Thorn from the chains of immortality is to never see him again.
The spare time gave Johanna the opportunity to write her first novel, Captive Bride, on a whim. Her novels have been set during the Middle Ages, the Regency, the Old West and the Viking era. Her female characters are feisty and strong-willed heroines, whereas her male characters are self-reliant, powerful and sexual alpha males.

Now a prolific author, she is best known for her Malory Family series, which is set during the Regency era.

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