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The other night my single mom friend Sarah and I were IMing about how we prefer men who are aggressive in bed. Hotness aside, I knew Lou was just what my mental health needed when he called to arrange the date.
I could write a whole post on the beauty of going out with men you have no interest in dating long-term.
Just pop in your name and email and be the first to find out what WealthySingleMommy is up to! He loves my opinionated, independent and strong nature but he also knows that I love him to take over in certain situations. I’m SO GLAD that a sexy single woman has the balls (figuratively speaking of course) to say she wants an alpha male to take control, so she can relax.
The problem is that she would take none of this dominant behavior from an arty-fartsy boyfriend of hers. When a man is extremely attractive, well built, handsome like Lou, women themselves bring out their feminine, vulnerable, submissive sides and let the take control. Confident, in-control men are fantastic to date, to sleep with and I totally prefer their company. And that’s what a partnership is about, joining your strengths and bolstering each other.
If you say that you want a man to order your food for you and tell you what to do, even for five minutes, then you just want to be a child. I watched Fight Club the other day and remembered how cool I used to think Brad Pitt’s character Tyler Durden was.
I mention Fight Club because being the alpha male isn’t just about being a muscly dude all the girls drool over.
Matt Wilson is the Content Manager for Bars and Nightclubs and a professional writer from Melbourne who enjoys drinking and clubbing, so writing for Bars and Nightclubs is perfect for him. I was referencing my weekend date — a guy I met on OKCupid named Lou who I have pretty much nothing in common with but proved to be the perfect Saturday night activity. He would drive to my neighborhood, so, per protocol, I promised to text him a location to meet. We love that they take over plans for the evening, and then take over our bodies for the night.
My manfriend for the past 5 years is not an intellectual but he’s very smart and alpha.

I say this as my Harley riding, built like brick shit house, hot as Hell, husband makes a leather bag in the garage. As a strong woman, it takes guts to admit to the world that sometimes, you just want someone else in the driver’s seat. I’ve met men who are very small physically who can pull that off, and it is maybe even HOTTER. I have a ton of opinions, I have a lot of stuff I am responsible for, and I have all my stuff together. There are plenty of us who are serious, and who stand absolutely on our own two feet, and are capable of giving support as well. These women are claiming they want to be equal and acting tough, but it actually stops at opening doors for themselves. I would like to see you chauvinists tell Malala she is weak-minded and doesnt know what she wants. Who wants a president who secretly fantasies about being dominated and made a slave by Christian Grey???? Tyler Durden is the quintessential alpha male: handsome, buff, confident and gets plenty of action. In other words, you have to believe in yourself in order for girls to think you’re hot stuff.
Women love both mental and physical strength, and doing all those weights and sit ups at the gym show you take care of yourself. Girls take ages to get ready for a night out because they want to look hot; if a guy goes all out on buying clothes and taking time to look good, then she can relate to him on that level, therefore appreciate his attempt. He enjoys pretty much all types of music and booze, so it is very easy for him to enjoy most nights out. My boyfriends tend to be writers and film makers interested in lefty politics and sustainable urban development.
If I was looking at Lou through relationship goggles, I might have bristled when describing his most recent relationship with a woman who moved into her new house by transporting one dining chair per day in her car.
When you are an independent woman with lots of responsibilities, many men assume that we want to carry out that strong role all the time. I loved hanging out with Lou, the macho way he relived me of any responsibility for the evening, the easy way I fell into passively following his lead, crucifix dangling in my face much of the night.  But I am a woman with an opinion or 50, and a clear vision for my role in the world. A few years ago I nearly became involved in a book project with a Real Housewife – both she and her husband are first-generation from very gender-typical Mediterranean countries.

You are right: it is about taking the responsibilities and the hardships and the dangers, not just the fun parts. Dont forget, feminism is also about allowing men to be human, and not putting impossible demands on them. Showing that you’re secure is something that women will pick a mile away and will be naturally drawn to you.
Girls love a guy who does this because it is the male version of how women often worry about how many calories they intake and all the other extreme stuff they do to look good, so the guy is going through what she does. His hobbies outside of clubbing are watching movies, listening to music, working out, and working on his novels and screenplays.
Lots of skinny jeans, the occasional fedora and dates that involve plenty of polite negotiating and triangulating a mutually convenient meeting point. I can’t imagine settling for anything less than intimacy with someone who is my partner, my equal. But I do like a man who can be in control, someone who can plan things, tell me no, and be the more dominate person.
They want to play at it, and they want to keep an escape hatch, so they can run away when it all gets too real. Its about dong exactly what a man would do: if things get hard, does a man go looking for a woman to shield him? Lou is Republican who wore a gold crucifix under his slim-cut waffle shirt, and he picked me up and took me out.
From the little bit I knew of her and her husband, they did really seem to have something special, he was very supportive and loving of her, and she was a very bright and ambitious person. Girls see that if you can even get other guys to be in awe of you, then you must be pretty awesome.
That is the hardest thing about dating now- no I don’t want you to give me your number, call you first, text you first, or set up the date.

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