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Judging a book by its cover is something we all do, but research has revealed that face symmetry in males can reveal how effective they are as fighters.
The researchers first analysed the facial structure of 241 competitors in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).
The paper reveals that "the width of a man's face [determines] with accuracy his likely fighting ability." Survival of the fittest apparently correlates with having a relatively wide mug, or in scientific lingo 'facial Width-to-Height Ratio' (fWHR).

As far as facial configurations go as a predictor for fighting prowess or social (or anti-social) dominance, I'm a tad skeptical.
The paper also suggests that a wider face may have evolved as a structural mechanism to be more resistant to punches. I'm reminded of the old wives tale of "criminals have shifty eyes" from my parent's generation.

Reality.) "Alan" was an intellectual type with an advanced degree and a facial symmetry that made him appear like a milquetoast.

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