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The Griffon is a sturdy toy dog that is often thought to look like an Ewok from the Star Wars movie.
These little dogs are very active indoors, however, like all dogs, they still need to be taken for a daily walk to fulfill their primal instinct to walk. The coat of the rough requires a lot of attention, however the coat of the pet dogs may be clipped.
There are three varieties of Griffon, the Brussels Griffon, Belgian Griffon and Petit Griffon.
With lots of personality, it makes a fine companion dog and is good with other dogs and cats. Once kept by cab drivers of 17th century Brussels to rid their stables of vermin, the Brussels Griffon became a companion breed by virtue of its appealing character.

The dog begins to believe IT is the ruler of the home, and IT tells ITS humans what they can and cannot do. Other breeds including the Affenpinscher, English Toy Spaniel, Belgian street dog, Yorkshire Terrier and Irish Terrier may have contributed to the modern Griffons. When a human allows a dog to take over the home, it causes varying degrees of behavior problems, including, but not limited to, willfulness, demanding, obsessive barking,  guarding, separation anxiety, snapping and even biting.
Its American standard allows all of the color varieties, black through red, as well as the smooth variety (Brabancon). Without enough mental and physical exercise, they will become high-strung, moody and sensitive. FCI, conversely, divided them into three breeds: smooth (Petit Brabancon), rough reds (Brussels Griffon) and roughs of other colors (Belgian Griffon).
These are NOT Griffon traits, but behaviors brought on by the lack of a firm, confident, consistent pack leader, who provides rules they must follow and limits as to what they are and are not allowed to do along with the right amount and type of exercise.

Therefore, in Europe they are shown separately with no interbreeding between the varieties. On the smooth coat, also called the Petit Brabancon variety, the fur is short, tight, glossy and straight. In America, although the same parameters exist, they are combined into one breed with different colors and coat varieties.
Coat colors include red (reddish brown with a little black at the whiskers and chin), belge (a mixture of red-brown and black usually with black mask and whiskers), black and tan (black with reddish brown markings under the chin, legs, above each eye, the edges of the ears and around the vent), and solid black.

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