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One of the reasons I decided to write this post is because most, "how to become alpha male" literature never actually tells you HOW to become alpha.
Well I'll get to the how part later, but it's also a good start to recognize the qualities of an alpha male. These are all part of the equation, but none of these fully capture what an alpha male truly is. If you just tackle the symptoms of being an alpha male, you mightbecome an alpha male.
If you felt totally free to be whoever you wanted to be, wouldn't you be more dominant naturally? They let themselves be defined by the social group, and as a result, they must act according to that identity.
An alpha male is a man who is psychologically free to speak his mind, and do what he wants, without feeling inhibited, or caring what other people think. The first key becoming an alpha male is to get a crystal clear understanding of who you are and what you deserve. Part of the reason that alpha males can go on believing that they are a king, is that they are deaf, dumb and blind to external feedback that says they are not.
The first step to becoming free, is to detach from the standards of society that are holding you down.
If you buy into these kinds of superficial standards of society, you will not be able to have the freedom that allows you to be an alpha male. As an alpha male, you have to quit measuring yourself to external standards, and measure yourself ONLY by your own standards.
Like I said earlier, you can only become an alpha male through challenging yourself and life experience. The first step to becoming an alpha male is believing deep down that you have high self worth. Beta males know they are not kings, and that they don't deserve to be kings, but they try to look like kings at all cost.
In the real world, this manifests in guys who do things to look impressive, or guys who rely on some superficial title for status.

But now that you remember that you're a king, you must learn to ignore your pauper's clothing and act as a king. You're a king with amnesia, in pauper's clothing, and you woke up strapped to a chair and you're being forced to watch a movie that's designed to brainwash you.
The movie is designed to make you forget that you are a king, and start chasing the approval of society so that you may one day be "good enough".
Then you will be FREE, just like an alpha male, and you will then have the power to cultivate that dominance, leadership, confidence, and happiness, that only true alpha males ever enjoy. Alpha Male Personality This article is about some secrets of the Alpha male personality .
Alpha Male Vs Beta Male The alpha male versus the beta male debate is one that has been going on for a long time. High and Low Self-esteem Research has shown key differences between individuals with high and low self-esteem.
No, an alpha is not that loud, obnoxious, beer-chugging, bro that you usually found in frat parties.Nor is he that sleazy dude with cheesy pick-up lines that a lot of women seem to shy away from.
Most people can barely get anything done without worrying about rejection ridicule by their friends, and society.
Beta males often don't feel like they have permission to do the things they really want to do. This freedom, is what allows an alpha male to be dominant, and confident, and assertive etc. They think of themselves highly, and they pay much more attention to what they think of themselves, than what people think of them. Alpha males are convinced they are the shit, and there's nothing thatanyone can do to convince them otherwise. When you make the rules for how and when you get to feel good about yourself, you have the freedom to become an alpha male.
This means that when someone says something about you, you let them define who you think you are. Only judge people based on their character, when you do so, you won't turn into a beta male every time someone has more stuff than you.

This means that you start to think that you're a pauper based on your external cues, because you have amnesia and you have NO IDEA who you are. Society is constantly trying to trick you into believing that money makes an alpha male, or women, or whatever. He is the author of, "Social Circle Game: A Guide To Dating And Social Mastery," He consults guys one on one and helps them build a large social circle, make more friends, and date more women. The pompous asshole boss who puts down his employees can be an example of a leader who is not free. This comes from their clear concept of who they think they are and what they think they deserve. So the guy who is a DJ, or promoter, or a Hollywood actor, or rich, or has a chiseled body, all these men who rely on these external things for status are posers. Maybe they're overthrown by a mutiny - it doesn't matter, in their mind, they are still the rightful king, and this belief allows them to continue to have those alpha behaviors which women find so irresistibly attractive. If you want to become more alpha, you have to transform your perspective from someone who is at effect, to someone who is in charge of his reality.
While some men might have won the genetic lottery by accident, there’s only so much that good genes can take you.
Healthy, fit body = healthy fit mind.Aside from having a healthy body, an alpha also knows how to dress to impress women and dress smart.
Whle his fashion tastes are not dictated by fashion trends, he dresses comfortably as he pleases.Socially SavvyAn alpha knows his way around people. They have perfected the art of banter and can communicate effectively with anyone regardless of gender, financial status, age, nationality, etcetera.With women, the alpha male can flirt without being too provocative. He can express his feelings easily through proper body language, eye contact, and tone of voice, without being judged as creepy.

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