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So, as a man who tries to pick up and seduce a sexy women, you should be mindful of what you’re communicating non-verbally. You see, if you tell a woman stories that convey your confidence, but at the same time you slump over and fold your arms, then you come across as fake.
I’ve picked up many kinky women before merely through the use of my alpha male body language. The mindset I had was that I felt so comfortable that it was as if I were in my home lounging on my own couch. The net result was that a girl sitting near me put down her book and started engaging me in random small talk. The conversation went on for awhile, I got her number, called her that night, and a few days later we met and after several hours went to her place, where I spent the night. The bottom line though is that she became initially attracted to me and approached me because of my body language.
But make no mistake about it… if your body language conveys confidence, then your mood will also shift to become more confident.
Pheromones are so effective that they bypass the rational side of the brain and are processed by the olfactory system, which is also responsible for smell. Nexus Pheromones has discovered seven key pheromone compounds associated with healthy, attractive, fertile young men that are clinically proven to drive women crazy.
Much of this discovery can be attributed to the work of renowned human sex pheromone scientist James Vaughan Kohl, who for 25 years has researched human pheromones and the role they play in mating. Thanks to Vaughan’s work, Nexus Pheromones offers an Alpha Male elixir of biological stimulants to women, so they associate you with strength, fertility and health. In other words, wear Nexus Pheromones and she’s very likely to have intercourse with you. Alpha Male Personality This article is about some secrets of the Alpha male personality .
Alpha Male Vs Beta Male The alpha male versus the beta male debate is one that has been going on for a long time.
High and Low Self-esteem Research has shown key differences between individuals with high and low self-esteem. Stud­ies show that your body lan­guage and appear­ance account for more than half of com­mu­ni­ca­tion.
Have you ever noticed that men who women find attrac­tive often have a very sim­i­lar way of hold­ing their bod­ies? What does your body lan­guage sig­nal to women? The good news is that once you’ve iden­ti­fied your poor body lan­guage cues, the major prob­lems can be fixed pretty quickly to lend you more author­ity and power and instantly boost your attractiveness.
I also make a spe­cial effort to keep my hands out of my pock­ets so I look more con­fi­dent and so I can use my hands for delib­er­ate ges­tures.
If you’re self-conscious about some extra pounds around your waist, stand­ing straight will auto­mat­i­cally help to pull your gut in.
When you walk, swing your shoul­ders slightly to cre­ate a relaxed and con­fi­dent swag­ger.

When you walk you eyes should be look­ing straight in front of you and not down to the ground. When it comes to smil­ing, you don’t need to walk around with a smile per­ma­nently plas­tered to your face because it looks unnat­ural.
A slight inward smile that’s only vis­i­ble on the cor­ners of your mouth and in your eyes will fill you with pos­i­tive energy and make you look con­fi­dent, intrigu­ing and attrac­tive. One help­ful tip that I learnt from yoga is to avoid press­ing your tongue against the roof of your mouth.
It says so much about you if you can walk up to a girl and intro­duce your­self while you offer her your hand in a friendly but assertive way. The next time you’re out, observe the peo­ple around you and see who has good and bad body lan­guage. Was This Post Helpful?Please leave a com­ment, Like and share with friends.Then check out my Seduc­tion eCourse — It’s Free!
Filed Under: Reading Female Body Language About Tyler DuncanI'm not naturally good with women. What do Sean Connery, Brad Pitt, Bruce Willis,Ryan Gosling,Jon Hamm and George Clooney all have in common?
Watch a man with high status--Brad Pitt, George Clooney, or the CEO where you work--and you'll notice that he moves differently than the rest of us. You, too, can create that aura of male body language attraction that makes you attractive to women. You've spent your whole life up until now dwelling on thoughts that make you feel worried. Male body language attraction can be easy to learn but mastering your male body language attraction skills can take time. For example, a couple months ago I was at a coffee shop that I frequent, lounging on the couch, arms spread out, with my feet up on the table. You also must have an internal alpha male mindset that’s consistent with your body language. And have you ever noticed how when you walk with a spring in your step, you feel more upbeat?
Slouch­ing, fid­get­ing, dart­ing eyes, shift­ing weight from one leg to the other, folded arms and hands hid­den in pock­ets are just some of the tell­tale signs of a lack of con­fi­dence. I wasn’t even aware that I was doing this until I was out in San Fran­cisco one night and a girl approached me and told me to relax. They should be shoul­der width apart so you feel well grounded and point­ing straight ahead or very slightly out­ward. Don’t for­get to look peo­ple in the eye when you walk by because it demon­strates that you’re con­fi­dent, strong and have noth­ing to hide. If you’re not used to hold­ing eye con­tact with women it might feel uncom­fort­able at first. A well timed smile accom­pa­nied by strong eye con­tact is much more effec­tive than a per­ma­nent grin.

This shows that you’re in con­trol of your body and you’re not eas­ily intimidated. Think James Bond econ­omy of move­ment here. Make a con­scious effort to have great pos­ture all the time. I know it’s a lot to think about at first, but if you keep remind­ing your­self of these body lan­guage tips, before long good body lan­guage will come nat­u­rally to you. He gives off vibes that he is hot stuff, and because of that, women get soaking wet over him. Work on your male body language attraction for attracting women a little every day and you to will good things happening to you!
Just like a certain smell might remind you of a long-forgotten memory as a child, pheromones tell the recipient on a subconscious level exactly what’s on your agenda.
It can be help­ful to imag­ine a bal­loon on a string extend­ing from the crown of your head and pulling your head upwards towards the sky. A lot of guys make the mis­take of walk­ing with their feet point­ing out­wards like a duck. Of course you don’t want to overdo it either or you’ll risk look­ing like a gang­ster or a cow­boy.
It’s sur­pris­ing how few guys actu­ally make and hold eye con­tact with women, that it really says some­thing about you when you do. I know how it feels to be too shy to approach, to get stuck in the "Friend Zone" and have girls flake on me. They're looking down at the ground with their arms crossed, fidgeting, with their voices cracking and their eyes bugged out. A trait common to many beta males is being so eager to please that when someone calls their name, you see them spin their heads toward the person unnaturally fast. You’ll also want to swing your arms in a nat­ural way so you don’t look too stiff or robotic. This will help to keep you grounded and avoid ner­vous fid­get­ing like bounc­ing your knee. And when you give off that kind of male body language attraction yourself, women don't want to be around you. Your head should not pro­trude for­ward like the poor pos­ture a lot of peo­ple have when sit­ting in front of the computer.
Simply not dwelling on negative outcomes that make you feel upset will reduce 90% of your worries. Now, I know what I just said is easier said than done (to use an old--but relevant in this case--cliché).

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