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The Seven main Chakras (listed below) are situated along the centre of the body, running from the crown to the base of the spine.
Chakras were first mentioned in a number of ancient Hindu texts, and have found their way into the yogic traditions and medical practices of Buddhism and Hinduism around five thousand years ago. You can also Download or Stream Fearless Soul Inspirational Speeches and Music, to ANY device, worldwide. You will find, that this tough moment will pass, and, if you are committed to USING this pain, ?using it to build your character, ?finding a greater MEANING for the pain, ?you will find that, in time, ?you can turn your life around, and help others going through the same struggles. It’s estimated almost half the population suffers from depression at some stage throughout their life.
The reason anyone gets depressed always comes down to the CONSISTENT thoughts we think, and the CONSISTENT beliefs we hold.
In school we are taught how to get a job, but no one teaches us how to live in a state of happiness.

And then others will look to you, not with pity but with HOPE, because your strength will become their HOPE, their strength. You can ditch the victim story, you can leave the pain behind and FOCUS on how you will react next. You deserve to experience how great life can be – and you owe it to the world to be that positive change for others. Packaged in a beautiful gift box, this deck of 64 cards contains 128 unique pieces of art exquisitely illustrated by five artists. Each Chakra has a specific colour, corresponding to a specific organ in the body as well as to the person’s emotions and thoughts.
While there are numerous Chakras points in the physical and ethereal body, the Seven main Chakras are best known for their powers to heal the corresponding organs in the body. Each vibrant card contains a powerful affirmation on one side and a visualization on the other to enlighten, inspire, and bring joy to your life.

Yet, when negative emotions and thoughts block the Chakras, tiredness, illnesses and unhappiness follow. Removing the blockages opens up the Chakra to the free flow of energy which empowers the person on physical and spiritual levels. With the Chakras’ energy flowing normally, people report feeling peace and calmness, and having positive outlook on life with a better understanding of their goals.

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