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Signs that your third eye chakra may be overactive: sleep disorders, manipulative behaviour, overly sensitive to others feelings, spiritual arrogance, attention deficit disorders. By setting crystals in a geometric pattern, as shown on the board, it amplifies the energy to a greater level than that of the actual number of crystals - making them an extremely effective way of focusing and directing energy.
After writing your request or affirmation on one of the cards, place it face up on top of the mirror in the centre of the board, then position your Clear Quartz pyramid on top of the card.
This is an exclusive item you will not find anywhere else; designed and produced in the UK by Patinkas.

Reiki Stones© SeriesBeautiful boxed sets of crystals engraved with the sacred Reiki healing symbols. Their unique design incorporates elements of Sacred Geometry and the Platonic Solids, Five Element Theory, Crystal and Colour Healing. For all other areas, including international delivery, please contact us for shipping costs. The healing properties mentioned throughout this site in relation to crystals and gemstones represent views expressed in the public domain.

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