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We all want this to be a calm and happy time in our life, but for many women pregnancy is a stressful experience. With the positive affirmations technique, you will learn how to replace negative thoughts with positive ones. After you have read this book you will be able to put together your own positive affirmations and know how to use them for maximum effect.
You will have a powerful tool to deal with your stress that you can use anywhere and at any time.
Be proactive with time management, stress management, confronting fears, and burnout prevention.

This entry was posted in Inspiration and tagged abilities, and positive points, burnout prevention, confronting fears, direction of life, happiness, life choices, personal responsibilty, Steve Maraboli, strengths, stress management, talents, thoughts, time management, Victim Mindset, virtues by Mastering Today. While you might struggle with insomnia and depression, your baby could suffer from malnutrition and an increased risk of birth defects. Studies have also shown that babies born to stressed-out mothers tend to follow suit and grow up to be anxiety-ridden adults. Every day I worried that I wouldn’t be able to cope with my new role as a mother and that my childbirth would be terrifying. It was then that I began using the positive affirmations technique and I found that my mood improved almost immediately.

Start working on your stress and discover just what a special time in your life this really is.

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