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Terkadang suka ada rasa negatif ketika membaca socmed orang-orang yang sedang menggemborkan nasib baiknya. Dan seketika itu jg saya menyadari bhw saya lbh banyak dikuasai scarcity tthinking saat ini. Dengan pemahaman dan tersadar akan kedua hal ini, keadaan dulu dan sekarang, membawa saya pada (setidaknya) penerimaan diri-inilah saya dan kondisi saya saat ini. Thank you banget sudah shariiiinnnggg, ini akan bermanfaat sekali untuk pembaca2 yang lain untuk bareng-bareng introspeksi.
Tinggalkan nama dan email kamu untuk subscribe ke theUnlearn, dapatkan update terakhir, undangan kopdar, dan bisa langsung download e-booknya ya. I dare you to adopt an abundance mentality and believe that you can be financially free and that you can be rich. For this to work, you must have the faith and conviction to withstand the many temptations that come your way and not let challenges deter you from achieving your dream. To help you over this very important hurdle, I am going to introduce you to some common self-limiting beliefs that get in the way of living our dreams. The obvious way to break this cycle is to stop shopping or spending money on things you don’t need. If you have a scarcity mind-set, then refraining from spending feels like torture, like being on a crash diet over Thanksgiving. Discover powerful insights and techniques for creating radiant health, happiness, prosperity, peace and flow in your life and relationships. Eventually, you will realize that the long-lasting solution doesn’t lie outside of you and it cannot be purchased, won, or earned. This loop represents a balanced approach to achieving financial security, and it starts with embracing the wealth you already have. When you think about balancing work, children, marriage, friends, church, personal health, and finances, how does that make you feel? Here’s how this works in my own family: I know that when my children are with me, they make it clear that they want my full attention. By shifting from fear of not having enough time to gratitude for the time you have, your mind becomes more relaxed and can focus on the task at hand.
What is interesting about this phrase, however you say it, is highlighted in the following story. Throughout most of his life, Harold used to call people with money “filthy rich,” and he had little interest in connecting with “those greedy capitalists.” But he found that this thinking actually created such a separation from people based on how much money they had (or at least appeared to have) that it was damaging his overall energy and vibration around abundance in his own life. For Harold, rich meant having enough resources to devote his time to making beautiful and elaborate collages in his small seaside studio. When he became aware of this, he asked himself why he should judge someone simply because they have the means to afford a more expensive lifestyle. I share this story because there is value in taking stock in how you perceive money or those with money. I keep coming back to ways to build your awareness about how this works, because only by truly understanding and questioning what you hold to be true can you break through blocks that keep you from flowing into an abundance mentality and the Abundance Loop. After I tell you about her experience, you will find this exercise explained for you to try.
Going through this exercise helped Carol realize that she didn’t really feel those words about money itself, but about the lack of money.
Separating the concept of “money” from her perspective of not having enough money really helped her clarify her abundance mentality and understand that money was not the main stressor in her life; it was her negative outlook, her scarcity mind-set, about money that was causing her to hate it and fight it. To help her develop an abundance mentality, I had her identify what was really negative and make space for a healthier relationship to money. After working with her to shift her awareness into an abundance mentality, challenge her beliefs, and lay out a concrete action plan, I then asked her to do the first exercise again and handed her another piece of paper. In less than an hour, Carol felt empowered enough by her new abundance mentality to transform her relationship with money. Are you ready to go deep and erase all of your abundance blocks, limiting beliefs, emotional wounds and money stories so you can finally call in the level of prosperity your heart desires? Does an abundance mindset depend on how much money you have?  Or what kind of house you live in? Is it easier to feel that way if you have lots of money in the bank, a fabulous house, cars, jewels .
Whether you have the evidence of manifested abundance in the form of x amount of dollars or you have just lost your job, you can have a bountiful, blessed Christmas and Holiday season.
How about you?  Give yourself the gift of knowing that no matter what your circumstance, you will be okay and abundance is yours for the asking. I am a Relationship Coach who helps others create happy, healthy, loving relationships…including the relationship they have with themselves…by breaking through those blocks and barriers to success. In this article I will be talking about taking the scarce opportunities to build abundance.
Abundance mentality: This belief is that there is more than enough to go around and there are many many situations for different experiences in life. Society expects us to get that job, family,house, kids and so called security we need for retirement when we can’t actually function because we are too damn old and maybe even back in diapers. For the day ahead I call my kids down get the unhealthy breakfast ready and see they are just as fat as me no surprise there really then I take my three obese children in the minivan to school before I go to work while my wife lays in bed and stays home to “look after the house” .
Getting off track a little but the reason I personally use this dream scenario and image to leverage this fear to achieve my success is because it scares the shit out of me that you could live like that and it helps blast through most of my resistance to change my attitude now for the better and achieve the success I want in my personal development. If you have a success barriers then it might make you think there is plenty of time to do whatever you want you will rationalize not going on that trip to travel around Europe that year, not starting that blog, not starting that online business. I know friends who are basically being whipped by their girlfriend and the lad has her friends as his social circle now. If you’re young and you have the energy to take risks and get shit done now there is no excuses because when you hit your 40s your dick will be shriveled and you will have less energy (only joking by the way) but seriously you should be grafting your arse off in your 20s. Your not allowed to sleep away your life and have limiting beliefs, regrets and resistance that urge you to chill be a bland guy, go now and take the scarce opportunity. Fail early, fail fast, keep going and move forward as long as you keep moving forward each day, week and month you will succeed and achieve the lifestyle you want. Its all about consistent effort and never giving up Its not about the end goal yes there should be an end goal but take on this epic journey to success and enjoy every moment of your trials and tribulations.
Injecting knowledge everyday will make you stronger go to bed every day a little wiser by reading, listening, learning about the history of the world , read fiction and about business, finance and great thinkers.
Be determined, have drive, take risks and above all increase your value and worth to the world.

Pola pikir, atau yang sering disebut dengan mindset itu adalah cara kita menyikapi segala sesuatu yang dihasilkan dari kumpulan pemikiran dan kepercayaan.
Well, ngaku dulu ke diri sendiri bahwa semua yang telah terjadi dalam hidup gue itu sebenarnya karena hasil pilihan gue di masa lalu.
Karena pola pikir mempengaruhi pemikiran, pemikiran mempengaruhi emosi, emosi mempengaruhi tindakan, dan tindakan mempengaruhi hasil. Mohon ijin buat disebarkan ke anak anak saya untyuk bisa merubah dunianya ke dunia bersama.
Would you believe that you could quit your job, spend your time doing what you love, and still receive an income to pay your bills? Many people start with the best of intentions to change their habits, but they revert out of an abundance mentality to old ways once the going gets tough. You’ll see how to let go of some of the fear-based beliefs that have defined your identity and shaped your life up to this point. This fear can easily become the thought I have to have it now, which is endemic to the Scarcity Loop, making you feel incomplete without the object of temptation. But for most people, restraining oneself from spending feels like punishment or deprivation and is counterproductive to developing an abundance mentality. Even when your ego is tugging at you to acquire more stuff, you feel convinced and empowered so that you recognize that you truly don’t need it.
You actually have the treasure box inside of you right now, a healthy financial future, and all you need to unlock it is to shift into an abundance mentality and change your perspective from what you lack to what you have.
No matter how little you feel you have today, if you have the means to purchase and read this, you have more than you think. I notice a huge difference in my own level of satisfaction when I put away my phone, don’t worry about my e-mails, and physically get on the floor with them and play. This is not exactly the wording from the famous phrase in the Bible, but it is the wording that many of us have internalized. I had a wonderful conversation with a talented 78-year-old artist named Harold, who showed me that it’s never too late to change your perception about the rich. He felt rich at times, flirting with a true abundance mentality, but was never “filthy rich.” He eventually realized that his disdain for those with a lot of money (his stuck thinking about them) was creating a barrier against those who could afford to purchase his artwork. It was then Harold made a conscious effort to let go of his disdain for wealth and stopped calling those other people “filthy rich.” He still sees them as privileged, but he widened his perspective to recognize that he enjoys many privileges as well. As you can see with Harold, messages such as “money is evil” just serve to create a barrier between you, money and a true abundance mentality. She had transferred the negative energy of her fear of not having enough money onto “money” itself. She wrote MONEY at the top, and this time, her words to describe money were hopeful, excited, less stressed, ready to get the plan started, positive, clear, concrete, understanding, and focused.
She felt significantly better knowing that she had the power to change her beliefs around money and actually put together a plan.
Now tally up how many “ugghhs” you have compared to “ahhhhs.” Don’t be hard on yourself if your list of words is all negative. If most of your words give you a sense of relaxation and happiness, celebrate this wonderful blessing—you already have an abundance mentality about money.
She has been advising wealthy families for almost 14 years and is currently Vice President at a global financial institution.
I use various techniques gathered through training as a Master Practitioner of NLP, timeline, hypnosis and common sense gathered through life experience. The wealth consciousness is key to finding a better job and I heard from many people that redundancy has been a blessing in their lives… as they actually found much better job or work to do.
My personal nightmare scenario is waking up in low middle class suburbia opening my eyes to wake up in my double bed and see that I have a whale for wife and I go to the bathroom and I look at myself in the mirror to see I now look like Chris Farley’s stunt double.
Drop off the kids where they get bullied for being fat and have poor grades due to their diet and no hobbies or interest because all we do on weekends and on nights is watch TV and don’t self-educate ourselves or do any sports. I want to travel the world, meet different cultures, make new friends across the world and build my own business empire. People always come up with excuses and sit at the pub and say they have the best idea ever but don’t implement it and see it on the shelf a few weeks later.
Find a way to have the resources for having abundance to have different experiences to live a fulfilling life.
Sering kali kita mendengar banyak orang yang ingin menjadi kaya, tetapi akhirnya sulit mendapatkan banyak kekayaan, karena pola pikirnya belum ikut kaya. Artinya, semua pengalaman dan informasi yang telah kita kumpulkan secara sadar dan tidak sadar dari kecil itu membentuk pola pikir kita — yang akhirnya juga membentuk pemikiran, tindakan, persepsi dan respon terhadap segala hal.
Padahal kalau gak ada mungkin sebenarnya gue sedang diarahkan ke yang lebih baik, tapi gue malah kesyel.
Kalau kita sudah sadar kebiasaan yang mana yang melimitasi diri kita, maka kita bisa mengubah kebiasaan tersebut. Akhirnya sekarang setiap kali memikirkan atau merasakan sesuatu gue berhenti dan bertanya: itu pemikiran Abundance atau Scarcity?
They tell themselves that they can’t quit and then spend their full paychecks (and then more on credit) so that they make it harder and harder to ever quit their jobs.
Because if you can’t even believe it, then taking action toward realizing it may prove futile since it’s not always an easy road. They stay stuck because they haven’t moved past their old stories, which are the old scripts, of who they are and what is possible. And you’ll learn how to reframe them so you can develop an abundance mentality and start to take the right actions to reach a whole new financial future.
Even if you cut up your credit card, you can’t change your habits until you are willing to change the beliefs you have about that situation in the first place.
When you believe you have to do it all and you have to do it all right now, you feel squeezed for time.
When I’m fully present with them, I can be more engaged and have fun, even if it’s just for a few minutes, which is an abundance mentality shift. If the task includes another person, then sharing quality time with that person instead of juggling e-mails and texts will result in a stronger relationship. The original phrase was more like, “For the love of money is the root of all evil,” depending on the translation you might refer to. He was excited about my speaking on the topic of the abundance mentality, and he shared with me what happened when he adjusted his language around rich people relatively late in his life. He has lived and traveled through Europe, Asia, and Africa with his family of artists and together they worked on some amazing and high-profile public art projects.

You can see now how someone who holds this belief will repel money and let go of it as quickly as it comes into his or her hands.
Here’s one more example that I hope will help drive the idea of an abundance mentality home. She was tired of living that way and desperately sought to shift into an abundance mentality and heal her relationship with her finances. We laid out her assets, her liabilities, and her cash flow; and then we mapped out a plan to help her get out of debt. The act of writing out her financial situation, her savings (however minimal), debts (however looming and large), her income, and her expenses was cathartic. Facing your deep-seated beliefs with honesty and compassion requires a sincere effort and is the key to developing an abundance mentality.
By reading this article and going through these exercises, you are taking a stand that you will no longer live in fear and confusion. You can move forward with gratitude, and are ready to interact with money in a way that reflects your core values and manifest wealth. A Certified Financial Planner, Juliana holds an MBA from the Yale School of Management and MA in Integral Psychology from John F. A lot of people don”t understand this and as a result their focus is on quite the opposite and unfortunately that is what they get.
I go down the stairs get breakfast which is usually high processed fatty foods because I am just surviving and not thriving (being broke is what I am used to) it gives me no energy for the day and my blood pressure is through the roof because I don’t exercise, I eat crap and I am stressed all the time due to my work consisting of sitting down all day pushing paper for a boss I hate. I want to help others in lifestyle development and motivation and to build myself to live life like a epic movie.
I will go next year or I will do it later mentality will never mean you produce results and action. Its quite sad really I have called him out on this several times but he just can’t hear me out so now I just don’t hang out with him anymore because he doesn’t do anything exciting from my standpoint.
It is not an ego trick its about being awake being excited to wake up you don’t want to be that guy same day, same job, same routine, same shit each day and have friends that suck the juice out and leech your life away and you don’t want to be thinking to yourselves WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED.
Padahal ketika kita iri, itu artinya kita percaya bahwa apa yang dicapai orang lain itu tidak bisa kita capai.
Saya beruntung kalau orang lain lebih sukses dari saya, karena berarti saya juga bisa sukses. When the running script in your head is I don’t have enough to save for the future, you don’t put money away, and, therefore, you lack a nest egg. But ask yourself truthfully: What do you have to lose by changing your belief and adopting an abundance mentality? This is only possible when you shift your awareness away from what you lack and focus instead on what you have—this is an abundance mentality. The more you can hold off on spending today, the more money you will have available for the future. Now I want you to imagine that the company you work for has shut down and you are out of a job. You haven’t lost all these things, maybe a few, but still you have an abundance of things to be thankful for, right at your fingertips. This pressure to optimize your time puts you in task mode and you try to juggle it all, very often by trying to multitask. But when I’m worried about how to respond to a client or what I’m going to write in my next chapter, then I rob that precious moment not only from my kids, but from myself, too. Positive reinforcement supports you to continue operating in and abundance mentality, firmly in the Abundance Loop. Her list looked like this: scary, overwhelming, hate, questionable, scarce, hopeless, confusing, and help! She felt happy to liberate her mind-set from the Scarcity Loop and excited about moving forward in the Abundance Loop. You are ready to move forward and take action to align with your best self and your inherent abundance mentality.
I hang out mostly with my wife and her friends on occasion because I am so needy and have few friend who my wife likes. I have friends like that who stay in there little town and village and don’t broaden their experiences and expand their businesses. Saya beruntung kalau ada yang mencuri dari saya berarti saya memiliki sesuatu yang diinginkan orang lain.
What would happen if you started to believe that you could indeed save and that you could actually afford to send your children to college or even retire from a grueling job? You can buy a cute pair of boots now or invest that paycheck and generate passive income to buy two pairs later. Imagine that every dollar you have in the bank is now gone; and you lost your home, your car, and all your belongings. As a result of reflecting about who is rich and what it means to him, Harold now interacts more peacefully with his patrons, taking better care of the money he earns, and feels better about himself, all hallmarks of an abundance mentality. She had served on the board of directors for the Financial Planning Association of San Francisco and for Northern California Planned Giving Council. Lucunya, begitu selalu me-RASA diuntungkan, semakin banyak hal-hal yang datang yang memperkuat RASA untung ini.
If we believe something is not in the realm of possibility, we don’t bother wasting our energy trying; thus, it’s not in the realm of reality. You will come to understand that the route to and abundance mentality and financial security is not meant to be laden with guilt and deprivation. Then imagine that you lost your partner, your family, your friends, and your pets; and you also had to move from your community. Allow yourself to jot down whatever words, phrases, or images that come to your mind, without judgment.
And just for the sake of this exercise, let’s keep going and imagine that you have also lost your health, your limbs, your sight, your hearing, your speech, and your ability to read, write, smell, and taste.

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