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It’s August, and you’re probably itching to get back to your classroom to doll it up before school starts.
With only a few weeks until the start of school, you may be planning ways to take your classroom to the next level, making it a more comfortable environment that fosters learning and growth. But don’t fret, TeacherPop has some tips to make decorating and arranging your classroom simple and fun. The key to arranging your room before the start of school is to leave space for your students’ creations.
Brought to you by Teach For America, TeacherPop provides real talk, tips, and activities that teachers can use in the classroom. AboutTeacherPop is a blog for new teachers written by teachers and hosted by Teach For America. Commenting PolicyWe do not tolerate hate speech, spam, personal attacks or libelous remarks. And if you’re a new teacher, seeing your classroom for the first time will be extra special! Pick out a few inspirational posters to hang up around the classroom and add more throughout the year with the help of your students. Creating a cozy reading corner or quiet area for your students is a great way make your classroom more inviting. Writers offer advice for all of the challenges new teachers face, sharing everything from difficult reflections on their darkest days to quick tips for sprucing up their classrooms and their lives.
No matter your students’ grade level, you’ll want to kick-start the project with your own design— then they can build off your handiwork. Choose a few motivational quotes, images of careers your students may aspire to, or college pennants, and even create memes for your class rules to post throughout the room. The amount of sunlight your room receives will determine the types of plants you’ll want, but hanging plants are typically a great option. Start small and build throughout the year, maybe even bringing in a lamp to soften the lighting or adding a few pieces of decor.

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