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Disco Pants were created by That Annoying Brand That Uses Jailbait Soft Porn To Sell Ethically Made Clothes, also known as American Apparel. Does anyone really wanna see an LA teen’s best Skype video O face when they’re buying a new vest? Unfortunately my boyfriend is physically incapable of taking photos (srsly, fash bloggers with doting boyfs who double up as roaming paps have no idea how lucky they are) so I don’t have any great pics of me in them. Probably the best compliment I have received in them was at lunch yesterday, I caught our friends’ sons (5 and 7) whispering about them and eventually the eldest asked if he could stroke them and they fell about laughing. Thanks all, I bloody LOVE them and thrilled to be able to wear without funding AA’s sluttiness. I have been looking for a review for what disco pants look like on a curvier figure, and yours is brilliant. Also, you’ve effectively made me never want to enter AA because of that terrifying advertising, lol. It was a busy day yesterday with the guys hustling around the shop to keep what seems like 1000 going at any given moment. One of our customers bought this Seagrave Fire Truck from Washington State and asked us to arranged shipment to our shop to make it into a custom car hauler. Rolf is managing the Maserati Ghibli project which means getting all kinds of parts sent off to the sub-contractors for various things like plating, rebuilding, etc.. Andy is sandblasting all sorts of Maserati Parts, today he was pecking away at the leaf springs and doors.
Nate is assembling a Ferrari Lusso engine, we finally got the correct piston rings and a new high tech piston ring grinder with dial indicator, super trick. Eben is contemplating how nearly every part on the Maserati Ghibli project  car is damaged or hacked up.
Our Bookkeeper Johanne was busy keeping our shop up to date with US Gov payroll status and all the million other bills she keeps on top of.
What always strikes me about these 1950s American trucks is their incredible simplicity, everywhere in the engine bay are basic and proven ancillary items such as the Holly Carburetor, AC fuel pump and Delco Electrical components.
We posted a shot of the 1947 Chevrolet Pick Up that we service a few weeks back, and our friend Bill Lockwood came by and took a couple pictures of it while it was in the shop. Here is an outstanding 1947 Chevrolet Pick-Up, a great era in trucks because they look killer and can be driven around without being a total hazard since they can go 55 mph.
Not sure who owns these cars but they are the ones that were transported in the FIAT truck in the Ferrari team livery. This is a super cool truck, a former Ferrari team transporter that is now hauling some vintage cars..
On panels and canopy expresses, a new single-sheet plywood load floor replaced multiple-board construction for better dust sealing. A teenage girl was savagely attacked by her own German Shepherd after the puppy ‘suddenly flipped’, tearing off part of her face. Iona Manson from Birmingham, needed two hours of facial reconstruction surgery and more than 50 stitches after the mauling, which tore a chunk out of her nose. And the 13-year-old, who had raised Fidden since he was nine days old, is still mystified why her 13-month-old pet suddenly attacked her. Remarkably plastic surgeons managed to piece together Iona’s face and today the teenager has barely a scratch to remind of her of the terrifying attack. But her mother Mhairi Manson, 39, said she was still struggling to sleep after witnessing the ferocious incident. Luckily her father, Scott Manson, an army trainee nurse who previously served 18-and-a-half years as a tank commander, was in the living room and heard the dog growl and Iona scream during the attack. Mrs Manson said they also adopted his brother, Bracken, who has never behaved aggressively.

I suspect the little girl was playing with the dog by putting her face down by the food dish when the dog was eating. Owners of dogs need to understand how they think and make sure they always recognise the human as the leader of the pack.
Actually they can like the dog that attacked me, he had the equivelent of down syndrome in dogs.
You were very brave Iona, and far more intelligent than the fools who are criticising you or making assumptions. Karma is a bitch at the end of the day, and anyone who HURTS a dog will get their due at some point. Ford is the full-line, mass-market brand of Ford Motor Co., which also sells luxury vehicles in North America under the Lincoln name. I don’t need to imagine a girl giving herself a good seeing to to be inspired to buy socks. That being said, Ms Hotness Debbie Walpole took the plunge last week and looked fabulous doing so, so I decided I really should try a pair to find out for myself. They seemed completely fascinated by their shiny silliness, which perhaps makes sense as the youngest was dressed as Spiderman and the eldest was in superhero pyjamas.
Thanks for the very interesting article and I totally agree, what the f*** is up with AA advertising! I have to say, I think you look a hell of a lot better than the waiflike models on the AA website.
When it arrived we loaded it onto our friends ramp truck to get it off the flat bed trailer. We are sending the interior panels to Italy for upholstery while our local guy is going to replace the top and carpets. He is also getting all sorts of parts painted on the Ford 8N project and has assembled the transmission and final drive and put them in epoxy primer.
The bolt holes for the seat tracks are broken here and there, a threaded ear on the brake pedal is broken, and the air cleaner housing has been hacked up at the top for some reason. Can you imagine the possibilities with this rig, move that old toilet off the porch, fill the bed with ice to keep your beer cold, steady your 12 gauge on the rails so you can shoot stuff.
At first glance the truck looks very good with good paint and trim, of course the next thing to look at are the floors and the cab corners which are both solid.
We are going through our normal process on cars that are new to us which include re-coring the radiator, rebuilding the generator and starter and replacing all of the brake components. This 1947 was the first year of the Chevrolet Advance Design – the first post-war improvements benefiting consumers. The cars are in excellent condition mechanically but they are appropriately rough on the outside, a refreshing change to the glossy perfection that you typically see at the Cavallino.
The truck hauled a competition Daytona, a 750 Monza and a 275LM to Palm Beach International Raceway. Now, suddenly, America's insatiable appetite for anything on wheels came to an abrupt halt. Horsepower and torque did increase by two on the Thrift-Master, to 92 horsepower at 3,400 rpm and 176 pound-feet at 1,000-2,000 rpm, thanks mainly to a revised Rochester carburetor and slightly bigger exhaust valves.
The Suburban resorted to single-tone standard paint and made available panel-style rear doors, marking the first time since 1946 that customers could choose between side-hinged doors or a top-and-bottom tailgate. I remember Dad telling me to sit up so that he could see my face and then the next thing I can recall is being in the back of the ambulance and looking out of the window. People should understand that some dogs, like most people, have personal zones and they do not like people or even other dogs in their face. With the discontinuation of Mercury and the sale of numerous other premium and luxury marques within the past few years, the company's efforts are squarely on Ford, a global brand.

I should really invest in a pair to give a fair comparison as they are probably stronger and thus suck you in more, but for now I’ll happily recommend this pair from Glamorous. I know ASOS do they’re own pair for about ?30 but the size was all off for me but today I found the perfect pair! Nate and I were going to put the longer forks on the Skid Steer loader but since we couldn’t find them we just used the shorter forks which worked just fine, reaching the upper level of the truck with ease. This truck has a great looking paint job, a three speed on the floor, and excellent trim throughout. The Daytona that you see here was racing against a Michelotto 308 GTB on Friday for one of the best Vintage Ferrari races I have ever seen.
They have some great motor sports stickers all over the truck but are looking for more so if you have any I am sure they would like some more.
Buyers were starting to pick and choose again (though they would make 1950 a record-setting year for car and truck purchases, spurred on to some degree by the start of war in Korea). Tubular rear shocks became standard, and the three-quarter-ton pickup now used eight-leaf front springs. He continued to make minor improvements in the division's trucks, but he concentrated on his main areas of expertise, namely economy of manufacture and plant efficiency. Thanks to a series of impressive new models and the goodwill that comes from being the only domestic automaker not to receive a government bailout, Ford's sales, profits, market share and image are all on the rise.
A friend stopped in and we discussed all kinds of cars he has for sale, an Alfa Sprint, Lancia Flaminia S.S. This F100 has the appropriate 4 pointed star on the grill that indicates that it is powered by a 6 cylinder engine which is rare to find because so many have been converted to late model V-8 engines and automatic transmissions. When we finish these projects, the truck will be driven and sorted so the next owner can feel confident when driving to the hardware store… and returning home. Trucks had sold well during the previous four years, and Chevrolet had topped the market; total Chevy truck registrations had reached 345,519 by '49. Under Kelley's direction, Chevy's 1951 pickups lost some of their previous standard equipment, notably the rear bumper and spare-tire locks. So please stopp the commenting because this story has been so twisted its unreal to its Biased to comment on it unless you know me or the real story. Zagato, what else… He is looking for a Jaguar XK-12o Roadster and a Ferrari 250 GT PF Cabriolet S-II.
But with buyers now in control, Detroit recognized that the sales race was about to heat up. But he did add conventional door-window ventipanes to replace the cowl vent on the driver's side. Sadly, most owners are generally inexperienced and are unable to actually communicate with their dog using language that they understand. Substantial recent upgrades to the Mustang, including new V-6 and V-8 engines, have improved performance along with efficiency. The car most recently redesigned was the Focus sedan and hatchback, which hit dealerships in 2011. Ford is currently phasing out its truck-based Explorer midsize SUV and half-truck Explorer Sport Trac, replacing it with an all-new Explorer that attempts to blend truck and crossover characteristics.
The Expedition and extended Expedition EL full-size SUVs can seat up to eight in three rows.Long overdue for a redesign, the Ranger compact pickup remains in the lineup along with full-size F-Series pickup trucks and E-Series cargo vans in numerous sizes, cab and box styles and weight ratings.

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