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A few days ago, I was listening to the radio and One Direction’s new song “Steal My Girl” came on for the first time ever.
Dress up some casual jeans with a beaded top and leopard flats for a Valentines Day outfit. For this Valentines Day outfit show off your waist, or any other favourite asset, in something that you feel confident and comfortable in.
Our goal is to help you by delivering amazing quotes to bring inspiration, personal growth, love and happiness to your everyday life. For the past ten years, Denise has been delivering seminars, workshops, and articles on body language, reading the nonverbal cues of others, training on communication skills, employee retention, and customer service for various organizations.
Denise told me that Geishas, all covered up in their Kimonos, would expose a little bit of their wrist as they served tea. Don’t you want to go on your last first date?Sign up here for weekly dating tips and radio show updates. I started freaking out and yelling so much that my mom pulled the car over and made me walk the rest of the way to school! I like peplums and flowy shirts for dinner dates because you can have a food baby and still feel confident.

I just realized every top is white – can you tell I have a thing for white shirts with details? The main thing to keep in mind when choosing your Valentines Day outfit is to be comfortable and confident in what you’re wearing. I already feel like I have come so far, and met some awesome people, and am really looking forward to what’s to come on my blogging journey.
Yesterday, Denise shared her wisdom in an interview with me on how you can become more irresistible in love and life through better communication and flirting techniques.
As you can see in the photo, a shoe that dangles from your toe exposes most of your foot, leaving the toe concealed. This is compared to a bodycon dress where you’ll look hot as hell, but might feel self conscious, and constantly adjust your outfit. A confident polished look with someone who is comfortable and having fun is way sexier than someone who is self conscious in a sexed up outfit with sky high heels, who is constantly adjusting their outfit or complaining about their sore feet, or how cold they are. Feet are a turn-on for many men, and the ‘concealed-but-revealed’ foot is sexy! It’s so important to keep in mind what kind of date you will be going on when choosing your footwear.

You’ll have a way better time if you dress in something that you feel confident in and will be comfortable throughout the date. I want to provide more well rounded content while still keeping fashion as a main area on the blog, and have felt like I am struggling to do that with the current format of weekly Wednesday posts with subscription box reviews on Saturdays after I receive them.
I've put this blog together as a collection of things that inspire me and make me happy that I can share with other people. Your date would way rather you be comfortable and having fun, over being uncomfortable and looking cute. I’ll test it out for a month and see how it works with my schedule, and see if you guys are enjoying the more well rounded content.

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