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Everybody wants to change the world, everybody wants to be remembered, everybody wants to leave their mark, achieve greatness, do great things, and be a great person. They want people to listen when they talk as they stand before the masses delivering an inspirational or educational speech, as they announce their new product that will change the world forever, as they speak of their great accomplishments — expecting the world to lend them their ears. Everybody wants to be special, everybody wants to be unique, everybody thinks they have a special divine purpose here, a special mission on this earth, and someday they’ll fulfill it as they picture themselves standing at the golden podium of heaven boasting their worldly accomplishments on the physical plane with those that came before them, each spirit speaker trying to top each other.
A passerby, one seeking the answer to life, one seeking fulfillment and eternal happiness, once had a chance to ask the great Buddha a question. You see ego is that little ungrateful person inside each of us that always thinks they deserve more, always exaggerates our accomplishments, and is always in an eternal struggle to be better than others, to have more, to be more, and to be superior. Desire is no better, it’s the voice inside of our head that confuses wants and needs. In combination with each other you have a voice inside of your head that has a sense of entitlement to have more and be better than everyone else mixed with a desire so strong that it can send you chasing after those things, forever unhappy, forever ungrateful, and forever astray. If you want to change the world and your destiny is to change the world, start by changing yourself first. Simple things like being a good mother or father, can teach your children to be a good mother or father, and they’ll teach their spouse, then their children, and maybe their friends, a simple action turns into a compounded positive effect over time. All of the greatest people in the world didn’t become great by themselves, they all had teachers, mentors, or people that influenced them, people that taught them what to do and what not to do, we all have that, we are all being influenced for better or worse just by the act of living, just by being around others.

Be the silent leader the world needs, not the egotistical loud mouth that thinks he’s better than everyone else, more special than others, and the person everyone grows to despise. Actions will always be louder than words, self-proclamation never got anyone very far, both Jesus and Buddha started alone and small.
Your success at the workplace does not just depend on your qualifications and your technical skills. Pupils are formally assessed in 3 ways: End of Topic Tests assess pupil Knowledge and Understanding.
Science and Environment Projects assess pupils ability to relate topics learnt in class to the environment or society.
It can look at the possessions of others and say I want that while your ego chimes in and says you deserve that.
Stop seeking greatness, stop following desire, stop listening to your ego, and start doing what comes natural to you. Be an example for those around you, having an influence on one person can set things in motion that can change the world for the better.
Consistency was key as they grew just a few supporters into many believers that would die for them, not even for these great leaders did success happen over night.
Do better than expected: Go the extra mile to deliver more than what is expected of you by your boss.

Appreciate yourself and others: Think highly of yourself and value your talents and capabilities.
Compliment and not complain and criticize: Do not pour cold water, say kind words to motivate others and give them hope.
Desire puts you in an endless pursuit of chasing all the wrong things through envy and jealousy. At the same time take note and appreciate the best of others and recognize what they have contributed.
Instead of searching deep within yourself for the things you need, you look outside of yourself for things that you might want, while ignoring that others probably also want what you already have, but you overlook those things and treat them like nothing — forever unsatisfied. If you hide in a corner how are you going to show what you are capable of and realize your ambition?

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