If you subscribe to an astrological view of the world and are attracted to a man who happens to be a Cancer, keep the following in mind.
Slip on a sensual, flirty outfit before you approach him, like a dress that hugs your curves in all the right places.
Keep in mind, however, that the Cancer man is a little more withdrawn and may resist your affections if he believes that you're coming on too fast.
Share your feelings.[3] Since Cancer men tend to be on the emotional side, they also have a tendency to feel attracted to women who can be equally expressive in their emotions if not more so. Prepare yourself for a long relationship.[5] If you're hoping to attract a Cancer man for a one night stand, you should probably set your sights elsewhere.
After you get to know him a little, take the initiative and show off your ability to keep house in a very traditional manner. As long as your Cancer man has a functional family, he will probably be very close to them.
A Cancer man who did not receive the love of family from his actual family will probably view his circle of friends as his family, instead. Even though Cancers like to assume a traditional male role, they are also fairly in touch with their emotions.
If a Cancer man suspects that you are trying to flatter him, he might become uncomfortable and start to withdraw from you.

The quickest way to establish a sense of emotional security with your Cancer crush is to make the first emotional investment. Cancer men are usually attracted to women who will share their feelings, but you'll be even more attractive if you demonstrate a willingness to really listen to everything he says. Once a Cancer starts feeling attracted to you, he will probably become notably more possessive.
His aversion to wild, quick-paced actions and his dedication to family make the Cancer guy a poor candidate for a fling.
Shy and withdrawn, a Cancer man will only become attracted to you if you first manage to elbow your way into his life.
Subconsciously, a Cancer male will be looking for a woman who fits his image of the ideal wife and mother. Cancer men generally dream of having children someday, so it'll help your case dramatically if your dreams are in line with his.
Always do so in a positive light, though, and avoid anything that could sound like an insult toward those he loves.
As such, they will generally find women who can be equally organized more appealing than those who are complete slobs. Compliments make your Cancer feel good about himself, and he can appreciate a woman who gives him the sort of buzz you'll provide whenever you tell him how wonderful he is.

That said, since Cancers are so emotionally reactive, they tend to lash out when directly contradicted or corrected in a harsh manner.
As someone who likes to assume the traditional male role in a relationship, he will probably want to confess his feelings first and may find you less attractive if you jump first. On the other hand, most Cancer men appreciate women who let them take over the traditional male role of a relationship, so you'll need to let him eventually hold the reins if you want a relationship to get going.
The situation does not need to be anything major, but it helps if you choose a task that your Cancer dreamboat usually excels at so that he can complete it thoroughly and impressively.
The more your actions demonstrate your affection, the more likely your Cancer man is to respond in kind. A Cancer guy can be a little insecure at times, but once you calm those insecurities and demonstrate that your interest is real and lasting, he can feel comfortable enough to develop his own attraction and affection for you in return.

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