Funny Valentines Day SMS Messages and Funny Valentines Day Text Messages for your mobile phone. You can make your Valentines gifts even more special by putting some romantic Valentines day messages and greetings on them. Most of all messages are character or less, so are the perfect size to send friends via Text Message. Don’t forget to pass above Funny Love Messages and Funny SMS to your friends and lovers through social media websites like Facebook, Twitter,m Google+, WhatsApp, etc.

Girls are definitely expecting something special by their partners on this much-awaited day. What are you going to give your valentine to appreciate her beauty and happiness she is bringing in to your mind. You can even personalized a Valentines Day gift and make it even more special for the woman of your life.
So if you are planning to propose someone special then it’s a perfect time to pack your bags with Valentines Day text messages.

With a dash of Humor and Love, make your day extra special with these Funny Valentine Messages and Funny Valentines Day Quotes.

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