Never made much sense why Dad would head off to talk to a man about a dog on a Friday evening.
Joel Edgerton talks movie 'The Gift' and why he thinks same-sex marriage should be a thing. Made even less sense that no dog ever arrived and yet our hopes soared every time we heard this one. It is certainly one of the funniest and adorable way to talk about fashion we’ve seen.

No man should ignore the suggestions of Menswear Dog, because he does not spare accessories, including scarves, hats or suspenders. As on Internet anything creative get fast copied , Felicity Sharpe, a 23 year old aspiring fashion designer & stylist decided to put her own twist on the new menswear mascot and dedicated a tumblr to reinterpreting MensWear Dog’s  top looks for women.
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The concepts to suit the three years old dog come from pop culture references and promise to set trends.

MensWear Dog’s Reinterpreted deserves a check since Sharpe knows what she is doing and fallows fashion trends.

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