Moving in with your partner is as much about creating a home together as it is about working towards shared financial goals. You find yourself bored when they talk, and thinking about other things watching their lips move. When they express their opinion about something, you think it’s ridiculous and you feel like they look down on your opinions too. You feel afraid to express yourself because they tend to interrupt you or condescend to you until you feel dismissed. They never do anything considerate for you without you having to needle them into doing it. They disagree with you on some fundamental stuff like the importance of feminism or abortion or the death penalty and they don’t respect your opinion.

When you go out together, you end up drunkenly fighting and crying in the street like a hot mess. They get insanely jealous of any friends you have that might even remotely be interested in you. They hate your taste in movies, music and books and they like to let you know every single day that their taste is way better.
You can’t remember the last time they affectionately kissed your forehead for no reason. You gain confidence and can approach your relationship better as you feel more fulfilled and in control and opposed to feeling like one half of a whole. If both of you are so preoccupied that you cannot take the time out for each other without it turning ugly, a break can actually help.

Dealing with your own issues individually with the space, peace and time you need, can make you approach your relationship more rationally. While this can help gauge how you feel about your long term relationship, it is up to the couple to decide. Dating other people can help you get over feelings of regret, missing out or being tied down. A break can help put those early feelings into the forefront and make you realise why you stuck with someone for so long.

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