A controlling person is often very insecure about their relationship, and can quickly get possessive of their partner. Being in control and always wanting to have things in order is a trait some people you know might respect, while others might loathe it. Whether he's jealous, chauvinistic or just plain insecure, there's no excuse for controlling behavior. After going through women's most cringe-worthy submissions, the editors behind The Little Black Blog of Big Red Flags chose the five biggest signs that you're dating a control freak. Anyone who expects you to look up to them, listen to their every word or even tells you what you need to be doing in any aspect of life, could very well be a control freak.

This is all the more reason they might try to control something, and that something could be you. The bottom line: If any of this sounds familiar to you, read on to learn more about controlling relationships, and how to cope. When you find yourself speaking to your friend or significant other in the tone your mother used to speak to you in, you might have to step back into your body and get yourself together. But if you are monitoring a friend’s actions for the sake of yourself and to have something to tell them they should change, you might be a bit too controlling. When the slightest thought of someone else being in control makes you feel as if your head is going to explode and you slowly start being overbearing, you might be suffering from not only insecurity issues, but a large dose of control freak syndrome as well.5.

And if your attitude is affecting your significant other, you should try to be open to giving someone else a chance to be the one behind the wheel if you know what I mean.
No one likes a control freak, and you can’t be in control all the time and butt heads with people all the time to have get it.

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