Chances are if you are wondering whether he has feelings for you or not, he has given you mixed signals as to his interest.
At any rate, you will definitely know if the guy you are eying likes you by the end of this post. I’ve had women tell me of embarrassing situations where they have poured their hearts out to a man only to figure out that he wasn’t interested at all! It’s best to find out early on whether he has interest or not because the truth is that you can be attracted to a man for a very long time if you are assuming that he has interest where there is no interest at all.
You can always avoid saying things to someone, but most of the time you can not control your body language unless you are consciously trying too, and even then it’s hard. If he is mirroring your movements, meaning that once you move your body in a certain way (example: putting your chin in your hand or brushing back your hair), he does the same or if his feet are pointed towards you, this is a good sign.
But if there is really no reason for him to have your number but simply to call you sometime, this is a very good sign. Here’s a quick story about one of my friends, who made a major mistake when she liked a guy. She would probably kill me if she knew I was telling this story to you, but I’m going to risk it because the lesson here is going to help you tremendously. If you like a guy, you’ve probably done some pretty crazy things to get him to notice you. First of all, you should RARELY if ever ask a guy out when you are first getting to know each other. I discuss why this is an unfavorable act in my free mini course.

Lastly, many women make mistakes when giving gifts to guys, it’s not so much the giving but what type of gift it is and when in the relationship it is given. It’s not fair when his signals get you all excited and then you are unsure from one day to the next whether he has genuine interest. Maybe he smiles at you often and offers to do things for you but he has given no indication that he wants to pursue anything further. You can also run the risk of him losing interest if you don’t do the right things to let him know that you are interested in him. A lot of times a man will mirror your body language if he is really enjoying the conversation.
If he is introducing you to people close to him there is a good chance that he wants to keep you around.
You want to look for instances where he says he has mentioned you to a family member or a close friend.
Sometimes in order to get a man to flirt with you, you have to give him a positive signal that you are going to be receptive to it.
If he genuinely needs your number for a project at work or for a group project at school, this is not what I am referring to. This is the only way you will know for sure, unless he just comes out and tells you that he likes you.
This doesn’t necessarily mean that he likes you in a romantic sort of way, it can just mean that you are interesting and he enjoys talking to you.

This is actually very telling and shows that he could see you as a woman he wants to commit to. In my get the relationship you want mini course I share how to use flirting techniques that don’t make you seem desperate or that you are trying too hard.
But be sure you know the difference between a man that is very flirtatious with most women and one who is truly interested in you. But don’t take it hard if he doesn’t, some men take pride in just collecting numbers just to see how many women will bite. I’m not talking about to a school dance or a work event where it would be awkward if you didn’t have a date, I’m referring to dinner or a movie. That’s ok, but you have to direct that emotion in the right direction to get results. A man who is nice to other women shows that he is a gentleman, but a man who is “beyond nice” could be a flirter or even a man who just wants to see how many fish he can catch!

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