420 Dating Finding love (or a potential dealer) couldn't possibly be more easier for tokers. Date Craft If you call yourself a gamer, this site will help you find the perfect gamer dating match. My Free Implants This isn't so much a dating site, as it is a place for women who want breast implants. No Longer Lonely Developed exclusively for those with serious mental illnesses, No Longer Lonely also serves as a social networking site. Stache Passions Any fetish seems to be accounted for among the over 135 niche social network dating sites hosted by Passions Network. Tastebuds , A Sound Match , Music lovers come together on these two dating websites to find others to share their love of music with. Trek Passions Lovers of Star Trek, Star Wars, and all things Sci-Fi can be found on this site.

The Ugly Bug BallWhile some dating websites set the bar high by targeting only hotties, The Ugly Bug Ball markets itself as a site for everyone else. I called Laurie Davis, author of Love at First Click and founder of e-Flirt Expert, an online dating consultancy.
I explained my reluctance and discomfort and asked Davis if there were particular sites that would help me ease into this process. So I started to digging into the world of niche online dating sites and came up with some surprising finds. They connect with potential "donors" though the site's instant messaging and webcam chat features. Several dating sites, like this one, double as a support network, offering STD information and live chats with counsellors. So it might seem hypocritical that the idea of online dating makes me so uncomfortable, I want to cover my ears and start loudly chanting whenever someone suggests it.

If there was a site for people who like Marina Abromovic and the British Office, I’d probably be on there, with the genuine intention of meeting others like me. Just as my instinct to cover my ears began to creep up, Davis suggested I start by checking out niche dating sites.
I also much prefer the spontaneity and magic of that first spark when you meet someone new, when you’re least expecting it.

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